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Orange County Cocaine Drug Rehab


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Cocaine Drug

Regardless of what substance is being abused, drug addiction can have a devastating and lasting impact on a person’s life. You are at risk for a variety of physical and mental health concerns. Additionally, you may notice changes within your personal relationships, employment, and finances. Cross-addiction occurs when an individual uses more than one substance or struggles with a behavioral addiction. This is a common experience because different substances and behaviors affect our brains in the same way, which can bypass recreational use and lead to the development of addiction quicker.

Hillside Mission Recovery is a cocaine drug rehab in Orange County that offers a variety of addiction treatment programs. Our inpatient and outpatient treatment programs are all personalized to meet the needs of each individual we work with to ensure that they receive the best care possible. To learn more about how the programs at Hillside Mission Recovery can be tailored to your needs, we invite you to speak with a representative by calling (866) 393-5174 today.

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What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is classified as a stimulant. Cocaine has been used medicinally since the fifteenth century. It can still be used for medical purposes. However, medical professionals often choose to use other medication options due to the high risk of dependency associated with cocaine. Cocaine is not a legal substance which means that there is a risk when using it. Cocaine is often cut with other white powders, which decreases its potency. Fentanyl is an example of another drug that can be added to cocaine. Fentanyl is a potent opioid that contributes to a large number of fatal overdoses annually. 

If you or a loved one has been struggling with cocaine, programs designed for cocaine addiction treatment in Orange County may be needed. Individuals who struggle with an addiction to cocaine have differences in their recovery when compared to individuals who abuse other substances. Hillside Mission Recovery works to prepare you for the expected and unexpected challenges that can arise in your recovery. To learn more about how our Orange County substance abuse programs can support you in your recovery, call (866) 393-5174 today.

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What Are the Signs of Cocaine Use?

There are a variety of signs that you may see within yourself or with a loved one who may be abusing cocaine. It is important to note that some of the symptoms of cocaine use can also indicate other concerns, such as depression and anxiety. Because of this, it is important to be mindful of how you talk about your concerns. 

Signs that someone may be using cocaine can include:

  • Violent and bizarre behavior changes
  • Restlessness or feeling anxious
  • Mood swings
  • Irritability
  • Rapid speech
  • Muscle twitches
  • Unexplained bruising on the body
  • Damage to the nasal cavity
  • Depressive symptoms
  • Decrease in sleep
  • New legal concerns 
  • New concerns at work
  • Dishonesty, manipulation, and stealing

Hillside Mission Recovery is an Orange County cocaine rehab center that offers both inpatient and outpatient treatment options. This allows you to have a continuum of care from the same provider which can provide you with a sense of safety and normalcy. To learn more about our Orange County inpatient addiction treatment options, we encourage you to call (866) 393-5174  to speak with a representative today.

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How Does Cocaine Affect the Body?

When cocaine is ingested, despite the method, it affects our bodies in similar ways. Cocaine increases the amount of dopamine that is released in our brains. Dopamine is a naturally occurring chemical in our brain that is connected with our body’s reward system. Traditionally, when dopamine is released, we feel good, which can lead to repeated behaviors having the same response. When we use cocaine regularly, we develop a tolerance which means that the pleasurable effects associated with cocaine are not as enjoyable.

When a person has developed an addiction to cocaine, their brain is in the routine of releasing more dopamine than usual. This is a contributing factor to the discomfort that you feel when you stop using. Withdrawal symptoms begin as your body rids itself of the cocaine present in your system.

Immediate effects of cocaine include an increase in energy, feeling more alert, and being more in tune with your senses. You may feel as though you do not need to sleep and that you are more productive.

If you have been struggling with your use of cocaine, you should consider your Orange County cocaine addiction treatment options. Hillside Mission Recovery can provide you with inpatient and outpatient programs. Additionally, if you are living with other mental health concerns, we can add dual-diagnosis care into your treatment plan for optimal results. Call (866) 393-5174 to speak with a Hillside Mission Recovery representative today.

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How to Treat Cocaine Addiction

Individuals who abuse cocaine often need to detox. While cocaine detox is not associated with the medical risks that other substances can have, there is a possibility for severe dysphoria, including depressive thoughts. 

Inpatient and outpatient treatment programs for cocaine addiction can provide you with the knowledge and support that you need for your recovery. Learning about the impact that cocaine has on our bodies can help you understand your experiences with cravings, triggers, and your risk for cross addictions. 

Hillside Mission Recovery is a cocaine drug rehab center in Orange County. Our program utilizes traditional treatment approaches in addition to alternative approaches such as meditation, yoga, and art therapies. We believe that using a holistic approach to addiction treatment programs provides you with an encompassing program that better prepares you for your recovery. To learn more about how Hillside Mission Recovery can support you, call (866) 393-5174 today!

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Hillside Mission Recovery is a Cocaine Rehab Center in Orange County

Hillside Mission Recovery is the ideal cocaine rehab for individuals living in Orange County. Our addiction treatment facility offers inpatient and outpatient programs that are designed to support you at all stages of your recovery. 

Our inpatient treatment options include detoxification and residential rehab programming. Each of these will be tailored to address your specific needs. As an example, if you are living with other mental health concerns, we can add dual-diagnosis care to your treatment plan. The length of time that you are in our programs will be dependent on the severity of your addiction. 

Our inpatient treatment programs use educational sessions, group therapy, and individual therapy sessions to help you develop a solid foundation for your recovery. Alternative treatment approaches you will be exposed to include meditation, fitness practices, yoga, art therapy, and anger management. 

Individuals who finish our inpatient treatment programs are able to continue engaging in treatment with our outpatient aftercare program. This program provides you with a continued sense of support through counseling and therapy programming.

Additionally, individuals who complete our treatment programs are able to join our alumni program. This program promotes connection with others who have completed our treatment programs, which can provide you with a sense of community and additional support. 

If you have been struggling with cocaine or other substances, you may be in need of addiction treatment programming. If you have been unable to control or stop using, the support and education provided by formal addiction treatment programming can provide you with the tools needed to have a healthy recovery. There may never be an ideal time to get help for your substance use, so we encourage you to call a Hillside Mission Recovery representative as soon as possible by calling (866) 393-5174. 

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