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Orange County Fentanyl Drug Rehab


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fentanyl addiction

It is estimated that over 70,000 individuals died due to a fatal overdose in 2021 caused by a synthetic opioid, most of which is believed to be fentanyl. Fentanyl is a growing concern around the United States and can be found in rural areas and in major cities.  

Fentanyl is a potent opioid that is inexpensive when compared to other drugs, so it is often mixed into other drugs. Someone may not intend to take fentanyl; however, this is a risk when using other drugs. Fentanyl test strips and the opioid reversal medication Narcan can be used by those who are actively using drugs. For those who are ready to take a step towards their recovery, there are addiction treatment programs designed to provide you with the support you deserve. 

Hillside Mission Recovery is a fentanyl drug rehab in Orange County that provides detoxification, inpatient rehab programming, and aftercare treatment options. To learn more about the treatment options available at Hillside Mission Recovery, call (866) 470-7342 today!

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What is Fentanyl?

Fentanyl falls into the drug classification of an opioid. There are two versions of fentanyl that can be abused. This would be prescription fentanyl which is available as a lozenge and a patch, and synthetic fentanyl, which is often produced outside of the United States and smuggled in illegally. 

Synthetic fentanyl can be found in other drugs, including cocaine and heroin. Fentanyl is potent and inexpensive, which is why other drugs are often cut with it. Fentanyl testing strips are available as a harm reduction approach for individuals who are actively using drugs that may be laced with synthetic fentanyl. 

If you have been struggling with opioids, including fentanyl, you may benefit from an Orange County fentanyl rehab center. Hillside Mission Recovery offers a variety of alternative treatment options that can be added to any of our addiction treatment programs. Call (866)470-7342 to speak with a Hillside Mission representative today!

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What Are the Signs of Fentanyl Use?

The signs and symptoms associated with fentanyl use will look similar to that of other opioids, including hydrocodone, morphine, oxycodone, and heroin. Someone who has a prescription for fentanyl may show additional signs such as running out of their medication early, taking it in a way other than it was prescribed, and doctor shopping. 

Common signs and symptoms associated with fentanyl use and abuse include:

  • Pupil dilation
  • Cravings for more fentanyl
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Developing a tolerance
  • Anxiety and depression symptoms
  • Irritability and moodiness
  • Changes in personal hygiene and appearance
  • Overdosing
  • Withdrawing from friends and family
  • Disengagement from hobbies and interests
  • Missing important events
  • Dishonesty and manipulation
  • Being defensive regarding their substance use

Hillside Mission Recovery offers fentanyl addiction treatment in Orange County, California. By choosing our treatment center, you are giving yourself the opportunity to receive support from the same facility duffing the different stages of your recovery. To learn more about the treatment programs at Hillside Mission, we invite you to call (866)470-7342.

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How Does Fentanyl Affect the Body?

When opioids, such as fentanyl, are ingested, they make their way to the opioid receptors in our brain. When this occurs, we can experience euphoria, physical pain relief, and ease in emotional distress. There are slight differences in the time it takes to experience the effects of opioids when you compare the different methods of use. 

Additionally, when we experience euphoria or pleasure from taking substances, including opioids, our brain releases natural chemicals that are associated with our reward system. From there, we unconsciously learn that continuing to use activates our reward system, which brings us pleasure. This is a key component in the development of addictions. 

If you have been looking for an Orange County fentanyl rehab center, we encourage you to consider Hillside Mission Recovery. We offer dual-diagnosis and medication-assisted treatment for those who have other treatment needs in their recovery. Call (866)470-7342 to learn more today!

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How to Treat Fentanyl Addiction

The steps to treat a fentanyl addiction will vary for each individual. As an example, some individuals are able to utilize an ambulatory detoxification program while others need to be in a detoxification facility around the clock to monitor for complications. Individual characteristics, including the severity of your addiction, history of overdoses, use of other substances, mental health concerns, and physical health concerns, all play a role in determining the appropriate level of care for you. 

Inpatient treatment is often a recommended approach for individuals in the early stages of recovery. This is because rehab programs provide you with a safe and sober environment that focuses on promoting healthy, recovery-focused behaviors that you can apply to your life outside of treatment. You may be eligible for alternative treatment options, medication-assisted treatment, dual-diagnosis treatment, and specialized treatment options. 

Outpatient treatment and aftercare programming can provide you with support while you navigate your recovery at home. For many, returning home brings triggers and challenges to the forefront of their recovery, which is why having a safe and supportive environment to process these challenges can be invaluable for your recovery.

Hillside Mission Recovery is an Orange County fentanyl addiction treatment facility that offers detoxification services, inpatient programming, and aftercare programming. Call (866)470-7342 to speak with a representative today about Hillside Mission Recovery.

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Hillside Mission Recovery is a Fentanyl Rehab Center in Orange County

If you have found yourself struggling to control, stop, or limit your use of fentanyl, you should consider a fentanyl drug rehab center in Orange County. Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease which means that it will continue to worsen if you do not find a way to live a healthier lifestyle. 

If you choose to attend a fentanyl drug rehab in Orange County, you are giving yourself a fighting chance at a better life. Treatment facilities often have one goal; to help you live your best life, whatever that may look like for you.  

Hillside Mission Recovery is the ideal Orange County fentanyl rehab center. We can provide you with detoxification services, inpatient rehab programming, and aftercare services. This allows you to receive the best addiction treatment during all the stages of your recovery. 

Our detoxification program focuses on providing you with the support and comfort you need to move through the natural changes that occur within your body when you stop using. This can be an uncomfortable and challenging experience for many. Our staff will continuously monitor you for known health concerns and support you as you transition into your recovery.

After detoxification, you are then able to begin our inpatient treatment program. Our rehab program is personalized for each individual we work with to ensure that you receive the support you need. This includes dual-diagnosis treatment and medication-assisted treatment for those who have additional treatment needs. 

Hillside Mission Recovery offers a variety of alternative treatment options, including art therapy, meditation, yoga, anger management, stress reduction education, and relapse prevention education. These treatment options are intended to enhance your treatment experience with us. 

Upon your successful completion of our inpatient rehab program, you would be eligible for our aftercare program, which includes therapy and counseling services if appropriate. Additionally, you can join our Alumni Program, which can provide you with a large community of individuals who attended our program and are working on their own recovery at home. 

If you have been struggling with fentanyl or any other substances, know that you are not alone on that path you are walking. You have likely experienced the ups and downs associated with active addiction, and when you are ready, Hillside Mission is available to support you as you work towards a healthier lifestyle. Call (866)470-7342 to learn more about how our program can help you be the best version of yourself!

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