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Aftercare & Alumni

Planning for Long-term Success in Recovery

Aftercare Planning

Attending a substance abuse program starts you on the path to recovery, but an aftercare program helps keep you on the right track. Aftercare programs are crucial to one who is looking not only to get sober, but stay sober. Continued treatment by using aftercare planning can almost double your chance of staying sober. For example, having an aftercare plan allows the client to know what to do when they are thinking of relapsing or in a situation with drugs or alcohol nearby. At Hillside Mission Detox, we provide an aftercare plan that will help guide you on the path to recovery.

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Understanding Continued Care

What Happens After Rehab?

Getting treatment for drug and alcohol abuse doesn’t just consist of entering detox and residential inpatient programs, aftercare planning is a part of the recovery process too. To put it simply, aftercare planning is an extension of an individual’s addiction treatment. Adjusting to sobriety when going back into the “real world” can be very difficult, and this is why aftercare programs are extremely important. As a matter of fact, continuing treatment with aftercare services can almost double an individual’s chances of maintaining a sober lifestyle. Since addiction never fully goes away, having a good aftercare program tailored to the needs of the individual makes sure they know that there are resources available and coping skills to help fight potential relapse urges.

How It Can Help

The Benefits of Aftercare

Going through treatment will not cure you. An addict will become a recovering addict while in treatment and after. There is no cure for drug and alcohol abuse. Withdrawals are the first stage of addiction treatment. The initial rehab program gives you the right tools to help abstain from substance use or abuse.Your aftercare program is one of the tools. It only works if the recovering addict or alcoholic works it.

Although some recovering addicts do have things in common, each person differs. At Hillside Mission Detox, the staff creates personalized treatment plans that include an aftercare program. These aftercare programs help the recovering addict take on the newly found challenges of remaining sober and maintaining their sobriety. They can provide an outlet for the client to discuss and deal with temptations. These programs combine continued assistance and support with instruction.

Solutions for Long-Term Recovery

Why is Aftercare Planning Needed?

It’s one thing to complete a substance abuse program, and it’s a whole other thing to go through an aftercare program. Although a substance abuse program will put you on the road to recovery, aftercare planning will more than ensure that you stay on the path to maintaining a sober life. Aftercare services play a critical part on the journey to recovery as it gives you the tools to handle life again without drug and alcohol use. Having an aftercare plan allows you to know what to do when you are thinking about relapsing or when you end up in a situation of temptation when drugs and alcohol are present. 

Aftercare can take several forms including, but not limited to, social support groups like Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous, and outpatient treatment. Consistent participation in these programs, while abstaining from drugs and alcohol completely, is a recipe for success in overcoming addiction. Our aftercare services in Mission Viejo take on different forms to be catered to your individual needs, so that you can continue to be successful in keeping control of your life.

How We Help You Prepare for Life in Recovery

The Aftercare Process at Hillside Mission

We believe each and every client should be set up for the best chance of success in overcoming addiction at Hillside Mission Detox. Continuing to abstain from drugs and alcohol even after going through detox and residential inpatient programs can be difficult, and we want to be able to help you even after your treatment. In order to provide you with the best help, our staff will create a personalized aftercare plan for you that is best suited for your continuing recovery needs. We have a handful of options that we offer for treatment and continuing treatment such as:


An effective way to aid in the treatment of a substance abuse disorder is through psychotherapy and counseling. We use a combination of individual and group therapy, while also including family therapy.


All Hillside Mission clients are welcomed and also encouraged to participate in our Hillside Mission Alumni program. This program is where recovering addicts who have completed our detox and residential inpatient programs can stay connected to each other. This helps create a sense of community amongst one another. Whether you need support during the good times or bad, lean on the Hillside Mission Alumni Group.  


Continued therapy for any co-occurring mental health disorders is another aftercare service we offer at Hillside Mission. The therapies include psychotherapy, medicines, occupational therapy, speech therapy, vocational rehabilitation, and more. The therapy is to address the underlying causes or contributing factors to an individual’s addiction.


Many recovering addicts find solace in attending recovery support groups meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) and Narcotics Anonymous (N.A.). They provide a foundation for recovering addicts to stay sober in the long-run. The benefit to groups like A.A. and N.A. are that they are free, unlike counseling which requires attendees to pay.

There are other options offered as well depending on the individual in recovery’s interests. There are a wide range of options such as music therapy, meditation, and exercise programs. Either way, anyone who participates in our aftercare services will be able to continue to be successful in winning the battle of substance abuse.

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At Hillside Mission, we are here with you every step of the way. Our care for you doesn’t stop at our detox and residential inpatient programs, but continues with our aftercare planning. The customized aftercare services we provide are to ensure long term success in keeping a sober lifestyle. The aftercare services at our sober living homes in Mission Viejo will give you the tools to refrain from relapsing, and keep you living life as a stronger and healthier individual.

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