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Alcohol & Drug Detox

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Drug and alcohol abuse can devastate all aspects of a person’s life. Treatment is available that can help you to get back on your feet and deal with the underlying issues that can cause substance abuse disorder. Detox is the initial stage of substance addiction treatment that helps to remove the addictive substance from the body. The process is a vital part of preparing someone to begin the therapies that will help them to manage their cravings and learn new skills for healthy living.

Everyone has different detox needs. Our team will conduct an evaluation to determine the amount of drugs or alcohol in your system; this will allow us insight on the appropriate medications to help you. The next step would be to stabilize your condition. The goal of stabilization is to prevent any form of harm to the patient. Doctors can prescribe addiction treatment medications to avoid complications and reduce withdrawal symptoms.

The final step of detox is preparation for treatment. Doctors will familiarize their patients with the processes and what to expect. Inpatient rehab in Orange County always offers the best chances of success after detox.

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What To Look For

in an Orange County Alcohol Detox Program

The downward spiral of substance abuse can tear up all aspects of a person’s life, as well as devastate the friends and family of the individual who is suffering from the disease. Getting addiction treatment is the best way to help you or a person you know deal with the underlying issues of drug and alcohol abuse and be on a safe road to recovery. When getting addiction treatment, the first step in the process is detox. The purpose of detox is to cleanse the body of all the harmful toxins and chemicals that the individual has allowed into the body through the substances they have abused. It is crucial to begin your recovery journey with detox. This allows you to prepare in the best way possible for the next steps in overcoming addiction. Properly detoxing will also help you or an addict handle cravings, and learn to cope without abusing substances. 

Detoxing isn’t the same for everyone. There are several factors doctors need to consider when aiding a person going through the process, which is why an evaluation is done beforehand. Doing an evaluation helps determine which substances have been used and how much of them are in the body. Determining this will give doctors insight into which medications are best suited to the individual going through detox. After this, the next goal is to stabilize the condition of the person in order to prevent any and all forms of harm that could come to the person withdrawing. To help deal with the withdrawal symptoms during detox, doctors may prescribe addiction treatment medication to reduce the withdrawal symptoms and avoid any complications that may arise. Doctors will then talk with the individual about what to expect in the next stages of the recovery process to prepare them for inpatient rehabilitation.

Can’t I Quit on My Own?

Why is Detox Needed?

Detox is highly important to begin the process of getting your life back on track from substance abuse. The continuous and obsessive use of drugs and alcohol causes immense damage on your body and brain, and without detoxing in your attempt to beat addiction, you may not be able to achieve the sobriety you seek. This is because detoxing forces you to stop using the substance completely so that your body can purge the damaging elements of the addictive substance. As a result of this, it will allow your body to get back to its natural chemical balance. Detox is also crucial because it is the first step into being able to treat your addiction, since your treatments will only begin to work once you have stopped the continuous use of the substance.

Not only is detox in general important, but finding a detox program is pivotal in overcoming addiction. Finding a detox program like our drug and alcohol detox in Orange County will help you to experience detox in the safest way possible while you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms.Our program will help you understand what will happen to your body during detox, why it is happening, and how long it will last.

What to Expect

When Entering Our Medical Detox in Orange County

Unfortunately, detoxing can potentially cause a few negative symptoms that may be difficult to get through. It is even more difficult, as well as dangerous, to try and do it on your own or with non-medical helpers such as friends and family because they may not be enough to provide you with a safe and effective detox. When you are going through detox, the physical symptoms you may experience can be so unpleasant that you go back to using drugs or alcohol, and your friends and family do not have enough resources or experiences to help treat you throughout it. 

During detox, you may experience medical issues such as dehydration, seizure, or heart problems that non-medical helpers may not be able to recognize, thus making it extremely dangerous. Not only will you experience physical symptoms, but you will also experience emotional symptoms as well such as anxiety and depression. Drug and alcohol abuse affects the brain, so that a person has to rely on the substances in order to ‘feel happy’. The psychological effect of detox can be dangerous since it can lead to self-harm. Both the physical and emotional symptoms of detox is why finding a detox program is so important. Our drug and alcohol detox program in Orange County is able to provide you with trained medical staff that monitor your body and mind’s reactions to the detox, and provide the correct assistance when necessary. Our substance abuse treatment center is also able to provide you with medications in order to reduce symptoms you may experience such as vomiting, nausea, joint pain, and more.

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Drug & Alcohol Detox in Orange County

At Hillside Mission, we believe that every client deserves the best care. Our inpatient detox program in Mission Viejo fully supports our clients and takes excellent care of them throughout the detox process. We have medications that are able to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of withdrawal that the individual will experience while going through detox. These medications will also help the patient avoid the extreme symptoms which can be dangerous to their health. Individuals in our drug and alcohol detox in Orange County will be continuously supervised. This ensures we can support them emotionally and ensure their safety. Our facility is a luxurious environment that offers peace and comfort, that will only further help you in your detox process. Our drug rehab in Mission Viejo will help individuals experience a detox that is shorter and less painful, so they can begin the addiction treatment therapies of our residential inpatient treatment program. These include yoga, art therapy, relapse prevention, meditation, stress reduction, whole-body wellness and much more.

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