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Hillside Mission LLC

Welcome to Hillside Mission LLC

Welcome to Hillside Mission LLC

Welcome to Hillside Mission LLCWelcome to Hillside Mission LLC
At Hillside Mission, we are innovating your detox experience!

We invite you to view our presentation and videos-they tell our story and explain why  we are your choice for treatment!

Who We Are


Detox Should Be A Great Experience

We are an all-inclusive adult detox program that is designed to provide the level of care you need and should expect. We provide you with privacy and anonymity...in an upscale luxurious residential adult facility that ensures a safe and secure place for you to detox. Our program amenities also include a pool and spa, your own Private Room with a Full-size Bed, Satellite TV, and more. For those of you that need to maintain your business activity, you have laptop access so that you can keep up with your office and the job!


We Are Innovating Detox

At Hillside Mission, your healing starts the moment you arrive. We offer a medically-managed detox experience that removes your obstacle and barrier to success...your fear of withdrawal! Our detox process is designed to minimize your discomfort and result in a shorter treatment cycle. We also are exploring new methods and technology in treatment that can  reduce your withdrawal symptoms and deliver a successful outcome. As innovators, we also are offering services not found in detox - Life Coach, Nutritionist, Yoga & Physical Fitness are part of your experience with us.


Recovery Is A Journey

It's the little things, or details, in our lives that connect us with our inner self. But for the addict, these connections are often severely bruised or broken and in need of repair. Healing is an emotional, mental, and physical transformation that begins with reconnecting you with your inner self. This is why our staff provides real-world insight into recovery and sobriety as part of what we do. 



After Care Support

Your post-detox care is perhaps the single most critical choice you will make in maintaining your recovery from addiction. Not all programs are alike - we work with you to identify and recommend a specific program that meets your needs. After detox, your next step may be a residential, inpatient or outpatient program. Whichever you choose or need, Hillside Mission has established a network of quality providers and we work with you to select your after-care providers.


Pharmacogenetics Testing (PGx)

Pharmacogenetic testing identifies genetics variations that affect function of key drug metabolizing enzymes, drug transporters, and targets. It predicts a client's ability to metabolize and respond to medications. This testing helps physicians avoid adverse drug reactions in their clients, optimize drug dosage, and select the best therapeutic strategy. This information can be used by your future treatment providers to eliminate the guesswork when prescribing the right medication, strength and dosage and result in shorter duration treatment cycles. With a simple mouth swab, you can forever have this important information at your fingertips!


Alumni Program

At Hillside Mission, we believe that it is essential that you become a part of the treatment community. We know how important it is stay connected with others that understand your challenges, and that can provide you with the support you will need. Through our Alumni Program, we are creating opportunities for you to hear from others, and share your own story of success in recovery!




Jim M.

 “During my stay here at Hillside Mission, I was greeted by warm staff, a beautiful house, adorable cats, great food, and a lovely place to rest and recover. Thank you to everyone who made my stay here as great as it was."


Kyle S.

 “Being sick sucks but you know it's only temporary. You can make this your last time detoxing 'cuz if I can get sober anyone can. I came in with sores on my back, beaten up bad from the streets. It doesn't have to get that bad for you but it will if you don't put in the effort to make a change. Stick it out. Everyone here is rad!”


Jennifer J.

 “I appreciate the love and the safe  environment-never stop trying."

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