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Overcoming Substance Abuse


Drugs and alcohol are used by many for recreation, and they are part of a ‘live fast, die young’ attitude that is often glamorized. But once you see the ugly face of addiction, you’ll realize it’s anything but cool.  

People that take drugs and drink excessively experience health conditions that make them old before their time. They lose their looks, blemishes appear, and teeth fall out. 

Their personal lives aren’t much fun either. They spend money on drugs leaving them unable to afford the things they want. They may end up losing their jobs as well. Their relationships with family and friends suffer and they find it difficult to enjoy doing the things they love. They may also be dealing with legal issues. 

You may think that drug addiction only happens in certain areas but the truth is, it happens all over the world, even in beautiful sunny communities like San Juan Capistrano. Home to lovely historic buildings and stunning architecture, SJC is a place to enjoy scenic views and coastal breezes. But if you are dealing with addiction, it’s always dark and gloomy.  

Addiction is a disease that leads people in a downward spiral, but there are ways to save yourself before it’s too late. This article will review your options and provide advice so you can find the San Juan Capistrano rehab that’s right for you. 

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Learn the Statistics

Introduction to Addiction in
San Juan Capistrano

San Juan Capistrano is a lovely city located in California’s Orange County. It is best known as being home to the Mission San Juan Capistrano for which the city was named. The mission serves as a museum and a place for quiet spirituality. 

But despite the peaceful vibes the Mission lends to the community, there is unrest and unhappiness as many of its residents suffer with addiction. 

It’s not clear why people in this lovely upscale city would turn to drugs. It may be that the quiet vibes inspire a need to find excitement which leads to drinking and using drugs. It may be that people feel the scenery will be enhanced by illicit substances. Or it may simply be the pressures of everyday life that make people want to escape. 

But what drives the people of SJC to use can only be speculated. What is clear is that addiction is a real problem. Fortunately, there are San Juan Capistrano rehab centers that can offer help. 

Achieve Lasting Recovery

Statistics of Addiction in
San Juan Capistrano

So just how bad is addiction in SJC? Here are some eye-opening statistics to review. 

According to 2016 – 2017 statistics from, 13.1% of California residents 12 and overused illegal drugs once in the past month. 8.2 % of residents 12-17 used illegal drugs. That number goes up to 26.3% for the 18 – 25 group and back down to 11.4% for the 26 and over group. 

The same study reveals that 50.4% of residents 12 and overused alcohol in the past month. 8.9% of the 12-17 group used alcohol in the past month. That number goes up to 53.6% for the 18 – 25 group and 54.8% for the 26 plus group. 

Now let’s look at San Juan Capistrano specifically. A 2017 article published by The Capistrano Dispatch revealed that SJC had an alarming number of drug and alcohol related deaths. 34 overdose deaths happened in the city between 2013 and 2015 with the majority of those occurring in 2015. 

This establishes the city as having the fifth highest drug related death rate of all municipalities in Orange County per the three-year average based on population. 

Nine of the deaths were caused by prescription drugs. 

SJC also ranked sixth-highest among Orange County cities for drug-related hospitalizations with 30 per 10,000 residents. 

Other Orange County cities that rank highly for drug-related deaths include Laguna Woods, Dana Point, Seal Beach and Laguna Beach. Because Orange County has such an extreme overdose rate, many of its medical personnel carry Naloxone, a spray that can save people experiencing an opioid-related overdose. 

Real Help for Substance Abuse

What to Look For in a
San Juan Capistrano Drug Rehab

Fortunately, there are ways to treat drug addiction including group meetings and medications, but experts say inpatient rehab may be the most effective option. 

An inpatient center provides a full spectrum of services from detox to outpatient care giving people the tools they need to overcome addiction and avoid relapse. 

If you are thinking of checking into a San Juan Capistrano drug rehab, here are some features you will want to look out for. 

Assisted Detox: Detox is the hardest part of the rehab process for many people. During this stage, the body cleanses itself of toxins creating unpleasant side effects. People know the only way to ‘cure’ these symptoms is to go back to using. 

A good San Juan Capistrano rehab will offer assisted rehab providing medications that reduce symptoms and offering supervision to prevent clients from relapsing. 

Therapy: During a client’s stay in rehab, they will undergo therapies. The forms of therapies offered vary but they typically aim to identify the underlying cause of addiction. From there, clients are provided with healthy coping mechanisms that help them deal with stressors and work as an alternative to drinking and taking drugs. 

It’s important to find San Juan Capistrano rehab centers that offer treatments you think are right for you. 

Outpatient Care: After a person leaves rehab, the likelihood of relapse increases. Once they return to the ‘real world’ they may encounter buddies they used with before who are urging them to use again. They may drive by the bar and feel the urge to go in for a quick one. They may be dealing with stress that they don’t know how to deal with and may think that using drugs or alcohol is the best solution. 

Outpatient care includes therapies that provide support for people helping them adjust to sober living and sobriety. It’s important to find a San Juan Capistrano rehab that offers end to end service including outpatient care. 

Accommodations: San Juan Capistrano rehab centers offer accommodations that range from basic to luxury. At the very least, you want to find a facility that offers clean rooms and a soothing atmosphere. If you prefer more of an upscale environment, there are centers that have pools, spas and other top-notch amenities. 

A Customized Approach: The San Juan Capistrano drug rehab you choose should not take a cookie cutter approach. The staff should realize that every person has different issues and requires a customized plan that is best suited to their needs. 

Understanding What You Need

How Hillside Mission is Different

Hillside Mission is a San Juan Capistrano drug rehab that checks off all the boxes and goes above and beyond to provide clients with effective treatment. Here’s what we offer. 

Supervised Detox: Our clients  go through detox in a soothing and comfortable atmosphere. Our staff members provide medications that reduce symptoms ensuring withdrawal is manageable and successful. 

Inpatient Treatment: Hillside Mission takes a unique approach. We believe that successful treatment is contingent on a mind/body balance. We integrate the two to ensure our clients have the tools they need to overcome addiction. 

Outpatient Care: After our clients leave our facility, we continue to guide them on their journey ensuring a healthy adjustment to sober living. 

Luxury Accommodations: We offer affordable luxury accommodations including private rooms, a pool and spa area and chef prepared meals. 

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Life is too short to throw away addiction. Call Hillside Mission to get the help you need to put addiction behind you. 

Pick up the phone to talk to one of our caring staff members. They will tell you everything you need to know about the rehab process, so you are fully prepared for the road ahead. Once you check-in, you will see that same level of attention applied to everything we do. We will find a customized plan that works for you. 

Addiction is a vicious cycle. Don’t get caught in the hamster wheel. Hillside Mission will give you the treatment you need to become a happier, healthier you. 

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