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Affordable, Residential Inpatient Treatment

Re-Defining Inpatient Treatment
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Hillside Mission Recovery provides medication assisted detox services in Orange County to those suffering from substance abuse or co-occurring disorders. We provide a safe, secure, and home-like addiction treatment environment to allow for a less painful or dangerous means of detoxing. After successfully completing detox, clients are able to participate in our inpatient treatment in Orange County. In this program, we boast some of the best clinical team members in the industry. We focus on holistic treatment modalities as well as evidence-based practices to build a solid foundation in early recovery. We understand the better the foundation, the more likely the client is to succeed in achieving long-term recovery from substance abuse.

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Detox offers a state-of-the-art drug & alcohol detox program that is safe & effective at our Mission Veijo facility.

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The evidence-based approach at Hillside Mission’s luxury residential inpatient program in Mission Viejo works for you.

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We offer thorough aftercare planning & alumni programming to keep clients connected to the recovery community.

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How We Can Help

What to Expect at a Residential Treatment Center in Orange County

There are many wonderful things to be expected when receiving help at our inpatient treatment center in Orange County. Our excellent support staff are here to help you in a luxurious setting, and quality and care are at the forefront of our facility’s addiction program. At our drug rehab in Mission Viejo, our clients will experience:

Time to Focus

When you are in our residential treatment program in Orange County, you’re taken out of your comfort zone, and this allows you to give your journey in recovery undivided attention. The responsibilities of daily life can be frustrating and cause you to become stressed or anxious, which can quickly lead to more drug and alcohol abuse. While you’re in a luxury residential inpatient drug rehab, the hassles and frustrations of the life you know are put on pause. You have access to all of our luxury amenities and most of the comforts and features of your home that will provide peace of mind. With peace of mind, you can focus solely on yourself, your rehabilitation, and the steps you need to take to make a full recovery.

Out of sight, out of mind.

The temptations to use drugs and alcohol can be overwhelming when you’re sitting on the couch at home or around friends who are still using drugs and alcohol. In an inpatient facility, you’re away from drugs and alcohol. If you are having a hard time coping with the temptation to use drugs, our support staff is available 24-hours a day.

Ongoing Counseling

Dealing with addiction withdrawals can be a challenge. While you’re a resident at our Orange County inpatient treatment center, you have access to daily counseling. Psychological therapy will be included in your care. Psychological treatment can empower you and assist you in breaking your cycles of addiction. You will also have access to one on one and group therapy that can help you make a healthy transition into sobriety.

Help with Withdrawal

When you’re recovering from an addiction involving alcohol or drugs, withdrawal, and a variety of symptoms associated with withdrawals become an issue, we are equipped to manage. Our drug & alcohol rehab in Orange County provides access to fitness therapy, massages, and other forms of support that will help you cope with withdrawals from addiction.

Why Treatment is Needed?

Why You Need Inpatient Treatment in Orange county

Overcoming substance abuse can be a difficult process, but help is available. Seeking addiction treatment is the best way to help fight the disease. Addiction treatment focuses on aiding the addicted individual by stopping them from using drugs and alcohol through detox, keeping them from abusing substances through residential inpatient treatment, and helping them become productive at work, with their family, and in society. There is no “one size fits all” for addiction treatment, and most addiction treatment programs use counseling and behavioral therapies that are tailored to the individual seeking treatment, as well as providing medications to help with the process.

Inpatient treatment in Orange County provides a safe, comfortable, and home-like environment for individuals to overcome their addictions. We use evidence-based practices and holistic treatment methods to aid those suffering from substance abuse. After successfully completing our detox program, clients are able to participate in our successful residential treatment program followed by our aftercare services.

Preparing for Rehab

Our Treatment Center in Orange County

When an individual enters residential inpatient treatment, they become residents in a home-like environment at a rehabilitation facility, such as our inpatient treatment center in Orange County. While attending our Mission Viejo drug rehab, the treatment consists of different methods of intense therapy for individuals to dive into, such as individual and group therapy. There is also around-the-clock monitoring and support for all residents to ensure the safest and most comfortable stay at our facility, while on the road to recovery. Residential inpatient treatment has a high rate of success due to the many different resources available and the controlled and safe environment, which helps residents to not feel tempted to relapse. At our drug and alcohol treatment center in Orange County, clients have access to different types of therapies and activities such as art therapy, anger management, sober outings, meditation, and more. 

Serving Orange County & Beyond

Our Luxury Inpatient Rehab in Mission Viejo

The luxurious residential inpatient program at Hillside Mission Recovery will provide you with the resources you need to achieve your goal of sobriety. We have various addiction therapies and activities available to help you focus your time and energy on becoming healthy, as well as giving you the constant support you need to be successful in recovery. We continuously research and add new methods of treatment to our luxury inpatient drug rehab in Mission Viejo. This ensures we are providing the best possible addiction treatment services. Some of the current therapies and services we offer are:

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We believe every person struggling with addiction deserves quality care, and at Hillside Mission Recovery, we are proud to help you break the chains of addiction in a luxurious setting. From our personalized detox center in Orange County, residential inpatient program, and aftercare services, we will give you the tools and support you need to achieve a happy, healthy, and sober life. Contact us to put your life back into your own hands from substance abuse.

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Get personalized addiction treatment at Hillside Mission Detox, a luxury program in Mission Viejo, California that is dedicated to your success in recovery.

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Is your loved-one struggling with a drug or alcohol problem? Unsure of how to help? Let Hillside Mission Detox help your family recover together.

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