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There are often barriers to seeking treatment for many of the 21 million Americans who struggle with addiction. For some, one of the primary obstacles is that they feel they cannot leave or take time off from their employment to seek treatment at a drug and alcohol treatment facility like Hillside Mission. Rather than focusing on seeking the help they need to get well, they worry about the effects going to rehab will have on their financial security.

Some working professionals may be concerned about losing their job if they take time off for rehab. In contrast, others feel the weight of knowing their business may not be able to operate smoothly without them in the office. This is commonly an issue for high-level professionals in the business community, such as Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), Chief Operating Officers (COOs), and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs). Executive rehab provides drug and alcohol addiction therapy in an environment that allows executives and other working professionals to take steps towards sobriety while negatively impacting their professional and personal lives.

Addiction can affect anyone, regardless of their education, employment, or professional background. Statistics suggest that Americans with a college education who fall into the upper-income bracket are more likely to drink alcohol in problematic ways compared to other Americans. Studies show that 78% of those who earn more than $75,000 annually struggle with problematic drinking, compared to 45% of those with an income lower than $30,000 who share the same harmful relationship with alcohol.

Unfortunately, when an individual has many responsibilities at work, they may choose to postpone treatment for fear related to their company’s success and the stigma that follows addiction. This is where executive rehab comes into play. Executive rehab centers provide a way for high-level professionals to seek and receive treatment while remaining connected to their business and livelihood. 

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What is an Executive Rehab Program?

Executive rehab programs or professional rehab programs are designed specifically to meet the needs of executives and company CEOs. Most of these programs include luxury features not commonly found in traditional rehab facilities. 


Confidentiality is a mandatory component of all treatment programs, whether traditional or executive rehab. The only people who know about a patient’s enrollment in a rehab program are the individual, their treatment providers, and anyone they choose to share details about their experience.

Business Amenities

Executive rehab centers provide workspaces, meeting rooms, and access to the internet and phones. In some traditional rehab programs, these options are not provided as they can interfere with treatment. In the case of clients at an executive rehab program, these features are essential and allow the patient to continue to operate their business while working through the steps of their treatment program. 

High-End Services

Executive rehab programs typically offer high-end luxury services for their patients during their stay at the rehab center. Some examples include spa treatments, yoga, meditation classes, private trainers, gourmet chefs, and larger, more spacious private rooms.

Fewer Patients

Treatment programs that cater to the executive population have fewer patients and a lower staff-to-patient ratio. The smaller number of patients also comes at a higher cost than traditional rehab programs; however, it also provides a more personalized level of care.


How Long Do Executive Rehab Programs Last?

Like traditional rehab programs, executive rehab programs involve treatment delivered in a variety of possible settings. Patients at an executive rehab program may choose either an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. Inpatient treatment options are generally better suited for extreme cases of abuse or dependence. Inpatient programs are also well suited to those who have tried rehab before and have experienced a relapse. Outpatient treatment tends to be more beneficial for those in earlier stages of alcohol or drug abuse. Some addicts seeking recovery find that starting rehab at the inpatient level of care and transitioning to an outpatient program after completing a primary treatment program is the most effective way to achieve lasting sobriety.

Inpatient treatment programs also involve varying lengths of stay. It is essential to complete a treatment program’s entire duration to ensure the best chances for success. Examples of various program lengths include 30, 60- and 90-day program options. More extended programs allow patients to stay in a sober setting longer and therefore provide more time to develop a stronger connection with therapy providers, more time to enhance abstinence skills, and develop coping strategies.


Can You Continue Working in Rehab?

For sobriety and recovery to be possible, seeking addiction treatment is a crucial first step for most people with a substance use disorder. Unfortunately, when someone has a lot of responsibility at work, they may choose to forego (or postpone) potentially lifesaving addiction treatment for several reasons, including fears related to their business operations and financial stability. This is where executive rehabs can be so beneficial to helping working professionals achieve sobriety. 

Executive rehab programs offer a safe and supportive way for executives and other business professionals to take the first steps in their sobriety journey while still attending to daily work obligations such as meetings and other day-to-day business operations. Executive rehabs offer a way for working professionals to seek and receive addiction treatment while remaining connected to their businesses and family. Many executive rehab programs also include specific benefits and amenities that are generally not found in traditional rehab programs. 

The executive rehab program at Hillside Mission Recovery’s Mission Viejo rehab center provides access to the necessary business amenities that many working executives require to continue daily business operations. Common examples include access to the internet, meeting rooms, private workspaces, and the ability to keep your personal phones and technology devices during treatment. In many traditional rehab programs, most of these options are not allowed as they may interfere with the treatment process. Due to the higher cost generally associated with executive rehab, they also provide the benefit of lower staff-to-patient ratios allowing for a highly personalized addiction treatment experience.


Hillside Mission Recovery Provides Comprehensive Executive Rehab Programs in Huntington Beach

Private, luxury recovery drug and alcohol rehab centers typically follow a treatment program with many of the same features as traditional rehab. Most rehab programs include detoxification services, group or individual psychotherapy with a highly trained substance abuse counselor, and follow-up care (aftercare) so program alumni can continue to receive support after they complete their treatment program.

Finding the right program to suit your unique addiction treatment needs is essential when deciding to go to rehab. When looking into different executive rehab programs, it is important to ensure the program you choose provides the features you need to feel comfortable and productive in recovery, including privacy, computer access, meeting spaces, and access to technology. You should also consider the program’s therapeutic design. Look for a program that offers individualized treatment programs tailored to your needs rather than more “cookie-cutter” programs that apply the same treatment model to all patients.

Not every drug and alcohol rehab provides executive-level treatment services and amenities. Researching Orange County detox and rehab options and finding executive addiction treatment that offers the program services and benefits you need can be time-consuming and challenging, especially if you are unsure where to begin. Let the admission team at Hillside Mission help. Contact us today to learn more about rehab for professionals at a Mission Viejo inpatient rehab program

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