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About Us

Ashley Young CADC I

Director of Operations

I am the Operations Director at Hillside Mission. I oversee the day-to-day operations of the facility, ensuring that it runs smoothly and efficiently. This includes managing staff, developing and implementing policies and procedures, and ensuring that the center is in compliance with all relevant regulations and standards

I worked as a district manager for quite some time and knew I needed a change to be able to have a more fulfilling life. My passion was with helping people and being of service within communities that needed that extra support. I attended sober college and am now a certified counselor with a CADC I.

I love working at Hillside because the team we have is like a dream team collaborating with like minded individuals and coming together to change our clients lives makes it feel like we’re not even working! There is always something happening and keeping us on our toes, the day to day is never the same.

I love working in the field of addiction because working in this field requires you to think outside the box and find multiple ways of solving a problem to quite literally save someone’s life. Also being the support to not only our clients and their families but also to our communities makes working in the industry the best career choice ever.

In my professional life I am passionate about helping people change their lives for the better by supporting them and providing all resources available. Personally I am passionate about spending time with my family and taking vacations,going to sporting events and being of service out in the community and spending my time off providing for people who can not necessarily provide for themselves.