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About Us

Daniel Salisbury

Lead Clinical Support Technician

As the Lead Clinical Support Technician at Hillside Management Services, a detox treatment facility known for its comprehensive care, my role encompasses a variety of critical functions. On a daily basis, I am deeply involved in client care, facilitating effective groups, managing supplies, and contributing to the creation of nourishing menus. 

What makes my work at Hillside Management Services so fulfilling is the opportunity to positively impact the lives of our clients. Witnessing their journey of growth and recovery is a profound source of motivation and satisfaction for me.

I am drawn to this industry because of the meaningful difference we can make in addressing mental health and addiction issues. Being a part of a team that offers hope and support to individuals in their most vulnerable moments is a role I cherish deeply.

Professionally, my greatest passion is in the realm of client care and the therapeutic process. There is immense gratification in supporting clients as they navigate the path to recovery. On a personal note, music is my sanctuary. Creating music during my off time is not just a hobby; it’s an integral part of how I express myself and find balance in my life.