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About Us

David Gutman M.A


I operate as the primary mental health therapist for those seeking recovery at Hillside Management Services. My daily activities include providing individual mental health therapy, group therapy sessions, and assessments for our clientele.

After graduating from California State University-Fullerton in 2016 with a BA in Psychology, I became a case manager in the mental health and substance use recovery field. I assisted the homeless population at a non-profit organization while attending graduate school at Pepperdine University, earning my MA in Clinical Counseling in 2021. After earning my Associate Marriage and Family Therapist license, I have consistently worked in Recovery-oriented environments. 

Working at Hillside has been a blessing as the treatment and management teams have great cohesion, working together toward common goals while encouraging us to shine in our individual ways. 

The largest draw for me to work in the mental health field as a therapist is that I can make a significant difference in the lives of people from all over the country. I get to learn their stories and strengths and can apply them to interventions I provide for the next clients. In other words, every client I’ve worked with directly impacts the next person who walks through the doors of Hillside.

Professionally, I am most passionate about trying to help clients be the best version of themselves, even if they initially resist it. Personally, I am most passionate about being my best self to my community, family, and my peers.