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About Us

David Kirchhevel

Client Care Coordinator

My role at HSM is as a Client Care Coordinator. My day-to-day is helping to provide clients with their prescribed medications at their scheduled dosages, take vitals and perform assessments everytime this happens, keep a close eye on Detox clients to help them manage withdrawals, and to help be a liaison between clients and the medical team.

My background was as an EMT, initially working with 9-1-1 companies in the area. Since 2022, I’ve been working at HSM, as the work helps better suit my education and style. I’ve been going to school at Saddleback College since 2019, and earned my EMT certification there in 2020. 

I love working at Hillside primarily for the staff. The company has always felt tight-knit, and my coworkers are wonderful people.

I love working in this industry because I love learning through providing for the clients. Not only do I get satisfaction from seeing clients progress while they’re in the facility, but learning their lives’ stories helps me to learn more about how addiction affects people from all walks of life.

Professionally, I’m most passionate about being able to do a good job, and knowing that my coworkers can rely on me, while building a solid relationship to know that I can rely on them. Personally, I’m passionate about helping other people, and especially making them laugh. I also love being able to tend to my interests of music, playing games, and being able to travel with friends.