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About Us

Jasmine Orf

Client Care Lead Coordinator 

I am the Client Care Coordinator Lead at Hillside and my day-to-day duties include overseeing the nursing team operations. I make sure our team is working together cohesively and I check in with them to be sure our clients are receiving the best possible care that they can. I have been an EMT for a few years now while working in various settings across the health field, and have just received my CDAC as of not too long ago. I am currently working on getting my Bachelors in Public Health from San Jose State University in order to expand my knowledge of the Substance Abuse Community. I love working in this industry because of the rewarding feeling I get while sharing the joy of a client’s success. At Hillside I can experience that rewarding feeling not only helping others, but by working with such dedicated and kind staff by my side as well. That bodes well because I truly enjoy the people I get to meet throughout my professional life. In my personal life, I’m big on family and spending time with our dogs. We love going on road trips to the mountains and spending quality time together.