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About Us

Richard Calmet

Program Director

My name is Richard Calmet, I am the Program Director here at Hillside Mission. My day-to-day role is to provide leadership and direction that ensure alignment with our organizational goals and the company mission as well as provide quality patient care to each client that walks through our door. 

I have worked in substance abuse treatment for 6 years, taking on job duties from being a tech, a case manager, and a substance abuse counselor. I attended Long Beach City College and completed their Alcohol and Drug Studies Program. I am currently certified with CCAPP as a CATC 1, Pending CATC 2.

I love having the opportunity to work hands-on in an intimate setting, advising people on a range of issues, particularly those relating to alcoholism, addiction, and mental health. I get the opportunity to provide support and help clients recover from addiction by working in this industry.

Professionally I am most passionate about understanding the underlying causes of addiction and how I can help those suffering to avoid relapse. Personally, I am most passionate about working hard every day to achieve my professional goals and help each individual that steps foot into our door engage in their recovery and find contentment in healthy activities. Personally, I am most passionate about engaging in the hobbies and interests that motivate me to live a life full of joy and purpose.