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About Us

Shawn Young CADC II


As the Program Director at Laguna View Detox, my role encompasses overseeing the entire facility operations, ensuring exceptional client care and maintaining a supportive environment for our staff. Day-to-day, I am actively involved in program planning, staff management, and ensuring that our services align with the highest standards of care in addiction treatment. 

I am a certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC II), a credential that underscores my expertise and commitment in the field of addiction recovery. My educational journey in this realm was fueled by a deep-rooted passion for understanding and aiding in addiction recovery processes. The knowledge and skills I’ve acquired are not just from formal education but also from extensive hands-on experiences in various therapeutic settings. 3. Love for Working at Laguna View Detox: Laguna View Detox is not just a workplace for me; it’s a community where I can actively contribute to life-changing experiences. The center’s philosophy aligns perfectly with my personal vision of offering compassionate, individualized care. Witnessing the transformative journey of our clients is profoundly rewarding and continually reinforces my dedication to this field. 

Working in the addiction recovery industry is incredibly fulfilling. It’s about giving hope and a second chance to those grappling with addiction. This industry allows me to make a tangible difference in people’s lives, offering support and guidance towards a healthier, sober life for our clients. The stories of resilience and recovery are what drive my passion for this work. 

Professionally, my greatest passion is fostering an environment where clients feel safe, understood, and supported on their recovery journey. The success of our clients is my success, and nothing is more gratifying than seeing them reclaim their lives. On a personal level, I am passionate about continual learning and growth, both in understanding addiction better and in exploring innovative ways to enhance our treatment programs. Outside of work, I find joy and relaxation in nature, which helps me maintain a balanced and healthy mindset.