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4 Reasons to Go to a Mental Health Facility in Orange County

Many people suffer from mental illness and are unsure as to where to go to get help. In fact, some people turn to substance abuse as a means to cope with mental illness. In other cases, mental illness results from substance abuse. We here at Hillside Mission Recovery know that it is a struggle to deal with mental illness. In this post, we will help to explain what a mental health facility in Orange County is and how it can help with mental illness. 

What Is a Mental Health Facility in Orange County? 

A mental health facility in Orange County is essentially a medical facility that specializes in treating behavioral and mental health issues. The treatment in one of these facilities is focused on dealing with the behaviors associated with the mental health issue and the reasons behind them. 

Treatment can come in many forms and is tailored to the individual and their unique case. Most will require a combination of medical treatment and therapy to diagnose and treat the disorder. This usually requires inpatient care that is administered by licensed therapists and medical professionals. 

What Is Treated at a Mental Health Facility? 

A mental facility in Orange County is designed to treat a range of mental health disorders and issues. Many times the mental health issues treated are quite severe, such as major depressive disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, changes in social behavior such as emotional outbursts of anger or sadness, and other mental health problems. 

A typical treatment plan will begin with an inpatient stay at the facility where the person is treated for their mental illness by medical staff and their condition is assessed. Once the initial stay is complete, treatment can be continued in a number of ways from outpatient therapy to peer support groups, counseling, and more. 

Reasons to Go to a Mental Health Facility in Orange County

For anyone who may need treatment, here are four reasons to get a mental health facility in Orange County: 

Reason #1: They Are the Best Way to Deal With Your Mental Health Problems

Mental health issues require treatment. Things like self-medicating with drugs and alcohol will only worsen the problem and can lead to more complicated problems as a result of addiction coupled with mental health disorders. 

Reason #2: Monitoring and Comprehensive Care 

People suffering from mental health issues often need to be monitored due to the side effects of mental illness. They often feel out of control of their lives when dealing with mental and behavioral issues. 

Reason #3: Removal From the Current Situation 

Life stressors can sometimes compound the symptoms of mental health issues making the person’s issues even worse. Going to a mental health facility gives that person a chance to escape from that situation and get treatment

Reason #4: Getting Aftercare 

Beyond the initial treatment, setting up aftercare is one of the most important parts of proper treatment of mental illness. A mental health facility will be able to help clients with different aftercare programs so that they can continue on the path to wellness. 

Can My Addiction and Mental Health Be Treated at the Same Time? 

Yes! Many facilities offer what is known as dual diagnosis treatment for those with both addiction and mental health issues. The goal of this treatment is to treat both illnesses concurrently so that clients can deal with both the effects of mental illness and the effects of addiction at the same time. 

Treating just one of these will likely only lead to a relapse in addiction and ongoing mental health issues. 

Hillside Mission Recovery Is Here for You 

If you know someone who is dealing with mental health and addiction-related issues, it is important to get them the help they need. Our programs are comprehensive and deal with both the addiction through detoxification and inpatient treatment, and we have aftercare plans ready to help clients stay on the path of wellness. 

Contact Hillside Mission Recovery and get the help you or your loved one need today.