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Does My Wife Have a Drinking Problem?

Millions of Americans deal with substance and alcohol abuse problems every day. Addiction is a disease that controls the lives of many of these people until they can get the help they need to get clean and sober. When you have a spouse with an addiction, it can be even more challenging to get someone the support they need or even recognize that they even have a problem. Knowing what to look for is the first step to determining if your wife or partner has a drinking problem. 

At Hillside Mission Recovery, we know how addictive relationships with an addicted partner can be, and we believe in getting everyone the help they need and deserve. In this post, we will discuss the signs to look out for if you are asking the question, “does my wife have a drinking problem?”. We’ll also discuss why alcohol is addictive and how to get your wife the help they need if they are indeed addicted to alcohol. 

Is Alcohol Addictive? 

If you’re concerned that your wife may have a drinking problem, it is important to understand how addictive alcohol is. It is one of the most addictive substances in America and is consumed by millions every day. 

Alcohol comes in a variety of forms and, in most cases, is entirely legal. This makes it hard to control how much someone consumes or if they have a problem. Part of the reason that alcohol is addictive is because of the way that it reacts with the body. 

Alcohol is considered a depressant, meaning it slows down systems in the body, including thinking and reaction time. It also lowers the body temperature. If alcohol is consumed in excessive amounts can make it difficult for the liver and kidneys to function properly. 

The other reason that alcohol is addictive is due to the feeling it causes when consumed. It often lowers inhibitions and makes a person more social and interactive. 

Does My Wife Have a Drinking Problem? 

Answering the question “does my wife have a drinking problem” is not easy because spouses have a special relationship, making the signs of addiction much more difficult to detect. 

It helps to understand the primary symptoms of alcohol addiction. These include overconsumption, slurred speech, changes in behavior, lack of self-control, and even blackouts or memory loss. A person may begin to prioritize drinking over life responsibilities like work and family. 

These symptoms are common, but in a relationship, there are other signs to look out for as well. Your wife may try to hide their addiction by engaging in behavior to cover up their drinking or lying about the amount they consume or whether or not they have a problem. They may become distant and resort to drastic or even illegal means to support their addiction. This is often accompanied by shame and disappointment that drives their actions. 

How to Get Someone Help With an Alcohol Addiction Today 

The first step to getting someone the help they need is to get them to admit they have a problem with drinking. Even if it is your wife, they still need professional help to overcome their addiction. Once this happens, the next step is to seek treatment at a licensed addiction recovery center like Hillside Mission Recovery. 

Our inpatient recovery facility works by giving clients a safe space to recover from addiction with the assistance of a caring and trained staff. The process begins with an individual evaluation and detox. Once detox is complete, the treatment phase begins. This may include several types of therapies. Once treatment is complete, the client will have access to several different aftercare services so that they may continue on their road to recovery and lessen the chances of relapse. 
If you believe your wife is suffering from alcohol addiction, contact Hillside Mission Recovery today.