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How to Convince Someone to go to Rehab

Even for people who have never had to face addiction, most understand the important role rehab centers and treatment play in recovery. However, wanting someone to get clean and convincing them to seek treatment are often two separate things. If you don’t know the exact struggles that occur when facing addiction, it can be difficult to relate to the person suffering from addiction. That can make it problematic when it comes to trying to get them the help they need. Everyone deserves help with addiction but trying to force them to get help is often unsuccessful. 

This is why it helps to have the right resources and support available to you when you’re trying to get a loved one to go into treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. You can’t simply convince an addict to get help; they have to want to get help themselves.

At Hillside Mission Recovery, we offer Los Angeles-based addiction treatment options based on the needs of the individual and provide a safe place for them to go to enter recovery. Because of that, we know the struggles that families go through when trying to get their loved ones help. In this post, we will talk about the causes of addiction, the signs someone is abusing drugs, and how to convince someone to go to rehab. As part of the process, we will discuss the best ways to encourage someone to get help rather than trying to force them into treatment.

What Are the Causes of Addiction?

There’s no one set of causes of addiction. Instead, there are a number of reasons that can affect the likelihood a person may struggle with substance abuse. In many cases, a person becomes addicted due to the effects of the drug or alcohol on their body. For example, many people turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism for problems during their daily lives because it lowers inhibitions making them feel more comfortable and relaxed. In other cases, a person may begin to use drugs due to the drug’s effects on them to allow them to focus and work better or to enjoy themselves during their time off.

A person may also become addicted to a drug accidentally as part of their medication regimen. In fact, many people taking prescription medications over a period of time become addicted simply due to the fact that they’re on medication for a considerable amount of time.

If a person suffers from a mental illness, such as depression or anxiety, they may be much more likely to develop a substance abuse issue as a result, as they attempt to use drugs to relieve their mental health symptoms. A person is also more likely to abuse drugs if someone closely related to them suffers from addiction, or if they grew up in an abusive household. 

The best option for getting clean and sober is through treatment at a licensed treatment facility such as ours here at Hillside Mission Recovery. Hillside Mission Recovery is a luxury inpatient rehab in Mission Viejo, CA. Contact us today for information about our addiction treatment programs. 

What Are the Signs Someone is Abusing Drugs?

The most obvious sign that a person is abusing drugs is changes in their behavior. Once a person has reached the primary stage of drug abuse, they typically become withdrawn from their friends and family and stop focusing on critical day-to-day activities and responsibilities. Instead, they focus on using and obtaining drugs and how they might acquire more drugs to continue use.

Another sign that someone is abusing drugs is when they start altering the way in which they take drugs. This can be increasing the dosage, changing the method of ingestion, or simply switching to a more powerful form of the drug rather than what was prescribed. In cases of illicit drug use, a person will engage in risky behavior to obtain the drug without regard for their own safety. Once a person begins to prioritize drug use over their own safety, they have reached full-blown addiction.

How to Convince Someone to Go To Rehab

There’s no surefire way how to get someone into rehab or how to convince someone to go to rehab themself. The first step is through kindness and understanding. You must have compassion because the person is dealing with a struggle that is life-altering. Second, you must understand that often people want help but are too ashamed to get it themselves. This is why pressuring a person into rehab is usually not the best answer.

One of the best ways to get a person help and get them to go into rehab is by staging an intervention. An intervention is an event where a person’s family and friends share with them the damage that the addiction has done and the reasons that they want them to go into rehab while providing love and support. Once you convince your loved one to go to rehab, the next step is to bring them to our facility at Hillside Mission Recovery.

Our luxurious Southern California inpatient facility is here for clients that want to get away from everything and focus solely on the recovery process and the underlying causes of their addiction. Through our individualized treatment plans, we can give clients the tools they need to deal with the root causes of their addiction and return to a life of normalcy without drugs. We offer medically supervised detox and a variety of treatment options tailored to each person. Once treatment ends, we provide aftercare programs such as 12 step programs and group counseling to continue the recovery process so that it maximizes our client’s chances of success. If you have a loved one that needs to go to rehab, please reach out to us at Hillside Mission Recovery today.