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How To Get Someone Into Rehab

Millions of people deal with addiction every day. The trouble is that there are many factors that affect how and why they use drugs. Figuring out whether or not your loved one has an addiction can be difficult and if they do, figuring out how to get someone into rehab can be equally as challenging. There are several things to understand before you can get a loved one to admit they have an addiction and get them to go into rehab. 

At Hillside Mission Recovery we know just how difficult it is to deal with addiction for both clients suffering from addiction and their loved ones that are trying to understand just what addiction is and how to get their loved ones the help they need to get clean and sober and stay that way. There is no simple answer to the struggle of addiction, but in this post, we will talk about what addiction is and how to get someone into rehab if they are dealing with an addiction. 

Signs Your Loved One Is Struggling With Addiction

For someone who has never dealt with addiction, it can be very hard to recognize the signs that their loved one has an addiction. As such, these signs and symptoms can go unnoticed for a long period of time. It is important to notice these signs before it is too late or else your loved one’s health may be in danger. 

The most common signs of addiction begin with withdrawing from life responsibilities. They may neglect taking care of things they used to, show up to work high or drunk, or even neglect friends and family altogether. 

The more addicted a person is, the more they will develop behaviors that center around the substance they are abusing. They will continue to use drugs or alcohol regardless of the effect that it has on them physically, mentally, or socially. 

Addiction makes it so that a person is chemically dependent on the substance. When a person who is addicted stops using, they enter what is known as withdrawal, which is the physical side effects of a drug leaving a person’s body. These side effects can even be life-threatening, which is an important reason why properly detoxing is so important in the treatment process. 

Changes in mood are also common in people suffering from addiction. They will often become withdrawn or depressed and will likely take action to try and hide their addiction. People suffering from addiction often feel shame at their addiction as well. This can be part of the reason why they neglect to seek help for their addiction. 

How To Get Someone Into Rehab

The first step in trying to get someone into rehab is getting them to admit they have a problem and need to seek treatment. Once they agree to get help, the next step is to find the right treatment center for their unique addiction. The only way to truly recover from addiction is at a licensed medical facility. 

Hillside Mission Recovery offers luxurious inpatient treatment options to our clients that give them a calming and relaxing environment from which to get the treatment they need to get sober and stay that way. 

Each client is given an individualized treatment plan that caters to their individual needs for their addiction. From detoxification to counseling and treatment, to aftercare programs like community groups, 12 step programs, and sober living options. 

The goal of rehab is not just to get the person clean of drugs, it is to give them the tools to cope with the causes of addiction in the first place. Many times outside factors like daily life stressors, work, and responsibilities are part of what contributes to addiction. If you know someone suffering from addiction, contact Hillside Mission Recovery today!