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Why You Should Go to a Luxury Drug Rehab

Do you suffer addiction or any substance abuse disorder? Try not to feel down – you are not the only one. NCDAS, National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, reported that 165 million Americans were addicted to various substances in 2018. So, rather than feel down, find comfort and exquisite recovery at a luxury drug rehab.

Why luxury drug treatment centers? How are they different from other drug rehabilitation facilities? And if they are indeed luxurious, how can you find the right one for your recovery needs?

Read on to find out…

Luxury Drug Rehab Defined

At Hillside Mission, we define luxury rehab as a rehabilitation facility that offers patient quality, evidence-based, and treatment programs in a comfortable, safe, and home-like environment.

Do you think “luxury” meant celebrity and pricey affairs? If you thought admission in a luxury rehab requires a large sum of money, then the answer is no. 

Against popular backdrops, luxury rehabilitation centers are quite affordable. But if luxury drug treatment centers are not expensive, what is unique about them?

Unique Features of a Typical Luxury Rehab

  • Improved patient-to-staff ratio
  • Diverse treatment programs
  • Rich and varied cuisine
  • Comfortable treatment facilities
  • Extra amenities to support patients’ needs

Now that you understand the benefits of luxury rehabilitation centers. Let’s see how they can help you in your recovery journey.

How Luxury Drug Treatment Centers Help With Addiction

  • Holistic Approaches

According to NIDH, National Institute on Drug Abuse, Addiction affects an individual on all levels of functioning. How? Addiction is first a family disease. Then, it spreads until an addict suffers inadequacies in his/her roles at work and in society.

Fortunately, luxury rehabs understand that the best approach to overcoming addiction is to consider all aspects of a patient’s life. And from there, develop a streamlined and encompassing treatment option that includes counseling, medications, behavioral therapy, and case management.

  • Residential Inpatient and Continuing Care

James, an opioid addict, started an outpatient recovery program. Most days, he follows the rules to the letter. But he’s only human, some days, he’d so stressed by work that he resorts to gain composure with opioids.

Can you blame James? Better still, are you like James? Indeed, overcoming addiction is not as easy as ABC. A little misstep and the whole recovery come crashing down like a helpless plane crash.

Good news! Your recovery plan won’t crash with a residential inpatient. Luxury drug rehabs understand that addiction is a complex disorder where patients need intensive care. That is why they offer evidence-based residential inpatient treatments.

For example, the Hillside Mission inpatient program on average takes 30 days to complete. In those 30 days, our patients receive 24/7 intensive care in a haven free from his previous environment’s troubles.

That way, the patient can focus 100% on his recovery and enjoy the overdue break from the madness of addiction. What if after the 30 days, you pulled a James?

Luxury treatment centers offer continuing care (also known as aftercare) to their patients. Aftercare helps recovered addicts to learn coping skills to maintain sobriety outside their inpatient/residential programs.

In all, aftercare, residential inpatient, and holistic approaches are great deals. But how do you find the right luxury rehab fit for your needs?

Finding the Right Luxury Rehabilitation Center for You

The Acting Director of SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) highlighted the criteria for choosing the best treatment facilities in her article, tips on finding quality treatment. These criteria include:

  • Accreditation
  • Evidence-based treatments
  • Medications
  • Family-welcoming treatments
  • Continuing care

It is a good thing then that Hillside Mission meets those requirements.

Get Help Today at Hillside Mission

Hillside Mission is a world-class treatment provider and one of the leading drug rehab facilities in Southern California. We can offer you desirable, state-of-the-art, and evidence-based treatment services in our Orange County Facility.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how they can help you!