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Are There Addiction Support Groups For Families?

When we talk about addiction and the recovery process, much of the focus is placed on the person struggling with addiction, its impact on their lives, and the ongoing recovery process. While this is important, it sometimes ends up neglecting the damage that has been done to family members or the struggles that they go through. While we know about rehab and treatment programs, as well as aftercare and support for addicts, support for family members of addicts is equally important. 

Hillside Mission Recovery is here to provide resources to not only our clients, but to their family members so that the whole family can begin the healing process. In this post, we are going to take a look at family support groups, what they are, how families are impacted by addiction, and how groups for families of addicts can help the recovery process, as well as how to find family support groups in Southern California. 

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What is an Addiction Support Group? 

An addiction support group is a form of group therapy designed to help and support those recovering from addiction. When we think about addiction support groups, we often first think of 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous

There are many other types of support groups, such as ones that focus on self-empowerment, faith-based groups, and others. Many of these groups offer peer support, mentorships, and counseling that go beyond treatment and help with long-term sobriety. They make the person accountable for their actions and give them the tools and mindset to deal with past mistakes and move forward. No matter what type of support group it is, the methods may differ, but the goal is the same: long-term sobriety. 

How Are Families Impacted By Addiction? 

While most of the focus is put on the person struggling with substance abuse, that person’s family can also suffer greatly. For instance, relationships are often broken apart, which can mean that children become separated from parents, people can lose a stable home environment, have trouble with school, and more. In cases where the person addicted is a parent, it can be a significant strain on the children or parent.

Not only that, the loss of an income in many families can be devastating as well. When a person becomes addicted, they often stop caring about day-to-day responsibilities. A drop in performance at work or school can greatly impact a person’s financial status and future outcomes.

Additionally, family members have to be there throughout the entire addiction recovery process, and setbacks and relapses can be physically and emotionally trying to the point that it can be traumatic and reopen old wounds even when a person is trying to recover.

Are There Support Groups For Families? 

While much of the focus is put on support groups for addicts, there are groups designed specifically for families, such as Al-Anon, a sister group to AA that works to provide peer support and resources to family members of those with alcohol addiction. There are similar groups for just about every addiction type in existence, and all of them share the goal of helping family members deal with the consequences and side effects of living with someone with an addiction. 

Much like other support groups, they are able to provide not only a place to go but give family members the freedom and space to share what they are going through with p people in similar situations and provide mentorship from other members to help them get through their situation.

How to Find Family Support Groups in Southern California

The most efficient way to find family support groups is through your local treatment center like ours here at Hillside Mission Recovery. We have an aftercare program designed to help clients and their families continue sobriety after the treatment process has ended. 

Hillside Mission Recovery is a luxury residential rehab in Southern California. Our kind and dedicated staff can help family members find the support groups they need to help their loved ones stay on the path of recovery while recovering from the effects of addiction themselves. 
If you are the family member of someone struggling with addiction, reach out to us for help today.