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What is the Importance of Sober Hobbies in Recovery?

Almost everyone knows how vital treatment is in addiction recovery, but when we think of treatment, we first think of rehab and detox. While it is true how necessary these steps are, there are more things to consider when it comes to recovery. One of the most important things that doesn’t get mentioned nearly as often is having sober hobbies to fill the time that addiction used to take up and to have ways to get new forms of enjoyment out of life. 

At Hillside Mission Recovery, we understand that addiction is a lifelong battle and that recovery is an ongoing process. We also understand the importance of doing everything you can to stay sober. In this post, we will discuss the importance of sober hobbies in recovery, what some fun sober activities might be, and how to find hobbies for addicts and aftercare in recovery.

What is the Importance of Sober Hobbies in Recovery? 

When we talk about long-term recovery, we also talk about ways to recover the damage that addiction has done along with staying sober. The trouble that many people have in recovery is filling the holes that are left in their life now that they are no longer using drugs and alcohol. 

That is where the importance of sober hobbies comes in. Those in recovery have to find things that don’t involve drinking or using drugs but that still provide some benefit and generate some form of happiness and stimulation. This promotes wellness, helps prevent relapse, and keeps the mind and body occupied should something trigger the urge to use again. 

Not only that, sober hobbies can help rebuild relationships and the social skills that go along with them that may have been lost due to addiction. Hobbies typically force us to be around other people, so finding ones that are specifically good for sober people is a step in the right direction toward long-term sobriety. Many hobbies you can choose from are a great team and relationship-building activities, which are skills that those who have struggled with addiction can often benefit from.

What Are Some Examples of Hobbies For Recovering Addicts? 

We’ve discussed the importance of hobbies for recovering addicts, but it can be challenging to know what to look for when you’re still recovering. A good idea is to find things that not only fill time but can also improve your overall wellness or teach life skills. 

For this reason, many people in recovery choose activities that involve exercise. Exercise is great for recovering your physical health after all the damage that addiction has done to your body. Depending on what you choose, many physical activities like sports, swimming, and hiking are great for forging new relationships and rebuilding social skills. 

Other activities that also work on your mental acuity and wellness are suitable too. Things like yoga and meditation are highly beneficial in promoting mental wellness and self-reflection, which are crucial skills that a person in recovery needs to stay sober long term. They also help to reduce stress and give us skills to avoid triggers that can lead to relapse

Lastly, consider taking part in something educational to improve your life. A simple art class is enough to pass the time, enrich your mind, and provide enjoyment, or you could consider returning to school. Anything that provides a level of fulfillment can benefit a person in recovery and help give them a reason to stay sober rather than start using again. 

How to Find Hobbies and Aftercare in Recovery

Hillside Mission Recovery is a luxury rehab center in Southern California that provides inpatient treatment, detox, and aftercare services in Mission Viejo

Once treatment is complete, we have aftercare programs in place that are designed to help continue recovery and are the best place to find sober hobbies and support. Plus, you can always find continued support from the staff at our facility to help you continue your journey. 
If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction and need help, contact us today.