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Drug Rehab in Orange County That Accept Aetna Insurance

Insurance and knowing how to pay for addiction treatment is an important part of the recovery journey for many addicts. Paying for addiction treatment out of pocket is often not workable, so many addicts have to utilize insurances. 

Thankfully, finding an insurance company that offers addiction treatment coverage isn’t so difficult. Several insurance companies have the ability to offer their clients coverage for rehab, and Aetna is one of them. 

Aetna might be one of many insurance companies that offer drug rehab coverage, but it stands out for its individual based policies. While many insurance companies have limits on substance abuse treatments, drug rehab Aetna allows their clients to have multiple treatment options when looking to seek help for addiction. 

What Is Aetna Insurance?

Aetna is an American health care company that offers insurance, among other healthcare services. Their insurance services run through Medicare and touch on everything from medical to disability care, dental, and pharmaceutical. 

Can I Use Aetna to Cover the Cost of Drug Rehab?

If you’re about to make the brave decision to seek help with your addiction and you’re wondering if an insurance company like Aetna would have coverage for drug abuse, worry no more! 

Aetna insurance can provide either partial or total coverage for drug addiction treatment. They don’t  just cover addiction treatment; they also recommend free of charge local services like support groups and alcoholics anonymous.

What Kind of Coverage Does Aetna Insurance Offer?

For drug rehab, Aetna offers many coverage options, but it all boils down to how severe the addiction is and the individual’s insurance plan. 

As mentioned earlier, Aetna Insurance uses an individual approach that covers the treatment needs of everyone. This means that Aetna has the ability to pay for all types of drug rehab as long as it is a part of your insurance plan with them. 

Some of the treatment programs they cover are;

Aetna will cover the total or partial costs for in-patient rehab treatment for up to a year, depending on the individual and their plan. They also cover rehab at luxurious rehab centers. 

How Much of Drug Rehab Does Aetna Cover? 

The amount Aetna Insurance pays for a drug rehab stay varies, plus it depends on the area and the users plan. Since plans are individualistic, Aetna Insurance can cover whatever treatment options are included in the plans. 

How much Aetna eventually pays for your treatment will depend on your plan’s limitations and how much you put down as your maximum out-of-pocket. For a more in depth explanation of what your policy covers, you can reach out directly to Aetna. 

Even with drug rehab Aetna covering most of your drug rehab treatments, you might still incur some extra expenses. If it is above what Aetna is paying, you’ll have to pay for it out-of-pocket. This can be alarming, especially if you don’t have the money to cover it.

If the extra cost is too much for you to pay at a time, most rehab centers offer a payment option that lets you pay it off every month. 

Utilize Aetna Insurance and Seek Recovery From Addiction at Hillside Mission 

If you’re currently in California and looking for a rehab facility that works with Aetna, you’re in luck. At Hillside Mission Recovery, you can use your Aetna Insurance to pay for the absolute best addiction care and get the treatment you need at a luxury treatment center. Recovery starts here at Hillside Mission, so reach out to us today for help with your addiction! Our staff members are ready to walk you through the entire recovery process.