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Find 12 Step Recovery in Orange County Today

Many of us, even those of us who have never struggled with addiction have likely heard of a 12 step recovery program. 12 step recovery programs come in all shapes and sizes to help people with a variety of addictions and other issues. The goal of the program is to provide those in recovery with a place to go and a community of people to be around so that they can continue on their path to recovery and deal with the daily factors that lead to addiction. 

At Hillside Mission Recovery we know the drastic effect that addiction has on people and how difficult it is to remain well even after treatment. In this post we will look at what a 12 step recovery program in Orange County is like, the different types of 12 step recovery programs, and how a 12 step recovery program in Orange County can help you or a loved one who is battling addiction. 

What Is 12 Step Recovery in Addiction Treatment? 

12 step recovery is a type of addiction treatment plan that requires the person in recovery to attend 12 separate meetings for one hour each. These groups are usually held weekly or more often and through these meetings, people can work on their spiritual growth while also recovering from substance abuse. 

The type and size of the program may differ and those in recovery may also have other forms of support available, but the 12 step recovery program is designed to further their treatment and give them the tools they need to stay sober and return to a normal life. 

Though there is no one size fits all program, most of them are highly regarded as being necessary for complete and total treatment of addiction and are a valuable resource for anyone in recovery. 

Also, it is important to note that not all 12 step programs only require 12 meetings or that a person in recovery cannot continue to go to these meetings to seek help and community while they are in recovery. 

Different Types of 12 Step Recovery Programs

There are many different types of 12 step recovery programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Cocaine Anonymous (CA). Each program has its own set of guidelines participants have to follow which includes a common meeting format with opening remarks, reading aloud an AA prayer or NA pledge & discussing how they’ve benefited -or not- from inventorying previously harmful behaviors. 

The idea behind this is that by  sharing the experience and strength of others, someone struggling with addiction can find support in their recovery.

How 12 Step Recovery in Orange County Can Help You

The benefits of 12 step recovery are many, and they differ from program to program. Besides being a means to further their recovery after treatment ends at an addiction treatment facility, they offer a place of support and guidance from people who have been in similar situations. 

Not only that, many in these groups are able to work through issues that may have led to their addiction in the first place. They often include a process of making amends for past behaviors as a way of owning the mistakes of the past that were caused by addiction in order to move forward into a sober life. 

Inpatient Treatment at our facility is only the beginning of the recovery process. Once your treatment ends at Hillside Mission Recovery, you enter into aftercare programs which typically include a 12 step recovery program in Orange County to help you continue on the path of sobriety. 

If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction, contact Hillside Mission Recovery today.