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Finding the Best Opiate Treatment Centers Today

Dealing with a loved one who is struggling with addiction is a difficult and trying experience. This is especially true if they are suffering from an opiate addiction. Opiate addiction has been on the rise in the United States for a number of years thanks to the fact that opiates are readily available by prescription. 

Unfortunately, opiate addiction remains a major problem that plagues many areas. That’s why Hillside Mission Recovery is dedicated to helping you with finding your loved ones the help they need to get clean from opiates and on the path to sobriety. To do that, we will explain what opiates are and the signs of an opiate addiction as well as the importance of finding the best opiate treatment centers to help you get sober. 

What Are Opiates? 

In their most basic form, opiates are a type of drug that is derived from the poppy plant and are used to provide pain relief.  They are also used for their euphoric effects. 

They are most commonly prescribed by doctors to relieve pain after surgery or major health or medical conditions. This is one of the primary reasons for addiction. People typically become addicted due to prolonged use of opiates after being prescribed them from a doctor. 

Heroin is another type of opiate and one that is illegal due to its highly addictive nature and overall potency. Many people who become addicted to prescription opiates move on to heroin once their prescription is no longer available, making it a very dangerous drug. 

What Are the Signs of an Opiate Addiction? 

The signs of an opiate addiction can vary from person to person, but the most common ones are as follows: 

  • Drug cravings or drug seeking behaviors that can result in broken social circles and responsibilities. 
  • Irritability and anxiety due to lack of opiates, as well as other symptoms that are common when a person who is abusing a substance starts to go with it. Though it may not be full blown withdrawal, behavior can still change drastically. 
  • Insomnia and other sleep problems, usually tied to a lack of opiates after a person has been using them for a while. These symptoms are what lead to abuse and to finding other methods to obtain opiates. 
  • Engaging in illicit or illegal behavior in order to obtain drugs. This is usually the most telltale sign that someone is addicted to opiates. Since opiate prescriptions only last for so long, a person who is addicted will find other ways to find the same or similar opiates. Sometimes they engage in behavior like trading one type of drug for another. 

There is the potential that a person who is addicted to opiates will move on to heroin once their prescription runs out. Since heroin is a widely known street drug, in some cases this can be easier to come by than traditional opiates. The effects are much stronger and more severe. 

Because of the way opiates work, by altering the pain receptors and creating a euphoric effect in the brain, once a person starts taking them, whether by prescription or otherwise, it can be difficult to break the cycle of addiction. 

The Importance of Finding the Best Opiate Treatment Centers to Help You Get Sober

An opiate addiction requires specialized treatment that allows the person to get off of opiates safely and recover from the after effects while still getting the treatment they need to battle the overall addiction. 

At Hillside Mission Recovery we believe in a client centric focus surrounded by highly trained medical staff. that are there to provide an individualized approach to addiction recovery. 

Our treatment plan begins with an assessment of each client’s needs. This is typically followed by detoxification, which lasts a short time, supervised by our staff. Next, we begin inpatient treatment with a treatment plan designed specifically for the individual. Once treatment is complete, we also provide after care services to help clients stay on the path to recovery. 

If you or someone you know is suffering from opiate addiction, then come to one of the best opiate treatment centers available and get the help you deserve today!