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Find a Holistic Alcohol Rehab Today

Alcohol addiction and substance use disorder are more common than ever today in society. While it is important to get treatment for the addiction, it’s also important to get the right kind of treatment. Many people don’t want to use medication and drug replacement to get off of drugs though, and so they look for a different means of alcohol rehab. 

Fortunately, there are alternatives like holistic alcohol rehab available to help get you or your loved one on the path to recovery without the need for medication or replacement substances, but rather a focus on treating the entire body with modern therapy and counseling to help them thrive instead of suffer under the yoke of addiction. 

At Hillside Mission Recovery we strive to give our clients as many options as possible to get clean and sober and stay on the path of recovery. In this post we will talk specifically about holistic alcohol rehab, what it is, how holistic rehab can help you get sober and where to find the help you need for you or your loved one if they are suffering from alcohol addiction. 

What Is Holistic Alcohol Rehab? 

Holistic alcohol rehab is a method of treatment that involves more than just detox and counseling, it involves treating the whole person, mind, body, spirit, and social environment. While traditional treatment works to get the person clean via medical means, it often does not treat the root causes of the addiction and thus leaves clients without all the tools they need to truly combat their addiction. 

By treating the whole body, rehab is able to address each potential issue of addiction. For instance, treating the physical effects of addiction means going through detox in a medically supervised environment in order to counter the effects of coming off of drugs and any underlying medical conditions that go with it. 

Treating the mental effects of addiction involves counseling to discover what mental issues a client is facing, what may have caused them, and ways in which to deal with them and cope that do not involve using alcohol. 

Treating the spirit is about personal wellness; learning to live healthily and focus on bringing positive energy into your life so that you can live a  life free of alcohol, while also having positive experiences that bolster your sense of self worth. This ensures you don’t end up letting life stressors push you towards using alcohol again. 

The final part of holistic rehab is about repairing and rebuilding social bonds with those you care about. Addiction causes many people to break their bonds in the pursuit of a substance. Foregoing family activities, missing out on important milestones, problems at work, all these issues can result from addiction. Having the tools to cope with the past and move forward beyond addiction and reforge those bonds is a key part of recovery and holistic treatment. 

What Are the Signs I Need To Go To Holistic Alcohol Rehab? 

The first and most important sign that you need to go to holistic alcohol rehab is if you have tried other rehab and it has not worked. If you’re looking to treat not just the alcohol addiction, but all of the accompanying problems that surround it, then holistic alcohol rehab is the right choice for you or your loved one. 

Hillside Mission Recovery provides a completely holistic approach to rehab, starting with an individual evaluation of each and every client. We know that each person’s struggle is different and that each treatment plan has to be tailored to their needs to be successful. That’s why we offer inpatient rehab in a luxurious, quiet, and serene setting so that clients can focus on getting well the right way. 

Once care is complete, we provide aftercare services so that the chances of continued sobriety are the best they can be. If you or someone you know is suffering from alcohol addiction, don’t take chances with another treatment center, contact Hillside Mission Recovery today!