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Oxycontin Addiction Signs to Look Out For

There are many different kinds of drugs out there and it can be nearly impossible to know the signs and symptoms of addiction for each one. What’s truly distressing for many people is that addiction is different for each individual so if you don’t know the common signs, you may accidentally overlook someone who is struggling with addiction and the opportunity to get them help before it is too late. 

One of the most common drugs that many people become addicted to is oxycontin. At Hillside Mission Recovery, we want to provide you with information to understand addiction in all of its different forms so that you can identify if a loved one is struggling with addiction and get the right help. In this post we will examine Oxycontin, what it is, several common oxycontin addiction signs, and how to get help with oxycontin addiction today. 

What Is Oxycontin? 

Oxycontin is in a class of drugs known as opioids. Opioids are often prescribed as powerful pain relievers and as such, oxycontin is in widespread use among both the addicted and normal patients suffering from moderate to severe pain. 

The specific drug oxycontin is a derivative form of the primary drug oxycodone. While oxycodone is the base form of the drug, oxycontin is actually much more prescribed because it is a time-released tablet form of the drug. 

When abused, oxycontin tablets are often crushed and snorted, or dissolved into water and injected in order to feel an instantaneous effect of the drug in the system. This makes it an easy form of the drug to abuse. 

The problem with Oxycontin, like other opioids, is that it attaches to the opioid receptors in the brain and makes the body dependent on them, which eventually leads to addiction. A person moves from taking the drug regularly to needing more to achieve the same effects, to dependency and ultimately complete addiction. 

Oxycontin Addiction Signs 

There are many oxycontin addiction signs that you can look out for to know whether or not a loved one is addicted to the drug. It is important to understand that the effects of addiction are different for each individual so it’s important to pay attention to any changes in behavior, especially if you know they have been prescribed oxycontin as a medication. 

The first sign to look out for is if a person is taking the medication differently than it was prescribed. This can mean taking higher than the recommended dose, taking it more frequently, or changing the form in which they take the drug, such as snorting or injecting it. 

Other signs include changes in mood, including anxiety and depression when coming off the drug. It is also common for people to become socially distant or to neglect life responsibilities in favor of taking the drug. They may even resort to illicit means to acquire the drug if they run out of their prescription, which can lead to them harming themselves or others in the process. 

A person addicted will often continue using the drug no matter what type of harm the drug does to their life or body, which is why getting help is so important. 

How to Get Help With an Oxycontin Addiction Today 

If you notice the signs of Oxycontin addiction in someone you know, the first step to getting help is always to get the person to agree they need help. 

The next step is getting help from a treatment facility like Hillside Mission Recovery. We offer custom-tailored inpatient rehab programs in a luxurious and calming environment that allows patients to recover in comfort and security without worrying about the stresses of daily life. 

After treatment is complete clients can use our aftercare services to get ongoing help with returning to a normal life. If you or someone you know is showing signs of oxycontin addiction, contact Hillside Mission Recovery today.