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How to Stage an Addiction Intervention

Many of us have likely heard of an intervention. You’ve likely seen them on TV or in movies, maybe you’ve been to one before for a person you know. The trouble is many people don’t know where to turn when it’s time to stage an intervention. Knowing how to stage an intervention can be the key to saving the life of a loved one and getting them on the path to recovery. 

The staff here at Hillside Mission Recovery want to give our clients every possible chance at living a safe, drug, and alcohol addiction-free life. To help with that process, we’re going to dive into the details of what an intervention is and how to stage an intervention to get your loved one the help they need. 

Dealing with someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol can be a scary time for both the person suffering from addiction and the family and friends that surround them. 

What Is an Addiction Intervention? 

Understanding what an addiction intervention is, its intent, and purpose is key to staging a successful one. So we’re here to first answer the question, what is an addiction intervention? 

As we said, dealing with a person suffering from addiction is a difficult process. Oftentimes, simply having a conversation and telling them they have an addiction is not enough. In these cases, it takes a carefully organized approach and concentrated effort from family and friends to convince a person struggling with addiction to get the help they need. It doesn’t matter what kind of substance they are addicted to, getting help is the right choice for a person suffering from addiction 

The goal of an intervention is not to force an addicted person to get help. A person who is suffering from addiction is already in enough pain. Instead, the goal is to convince them to get the help they need by pointing out how much they are loved and valued and how the addiction has negatively impacted their lives. Rather than focus on confrontation, an intervention provides a safe space where friends and loved ones can bear their emotions. 

By being open and honest in a safe environment, a person is more likely to see that they have a problem and can move forward to seek the help they need. 

How to Properly Stage an Addiction Intervention

An addiction intervention can be staged by anyone that knows someone struggling with addiction. The important thing is to make a plan and have space where the person for whom the addiction is being held can feel safe. 

It usually involves an intervention team consisting of all the members of the intervention that will speak and try to convince the person addicted to getting help. Messaging is highly critical to a successful intervention. Each person should state reasons why their loved one should get help with their addiction and what will happen if they don’t in a non-threatening manner. 

An intervention can be a very emotional experience. If you feel unsure as to how to proceed, it is wise to get help from a professional addiction counselor who can help set up an intervention on your behalf and provide support to make sure that your loved one gets the help they need. 

How Hillside Mission Recovery Can Help with Addiction

Once your loved one has agreed to seek help, the next step is to find a place where they can get the help they need in a medically staffed facility with treatment options that are right for their unique case. At Hillside Mission Recovery we treat all our clients like the unique individuals they are and provide treatment plans to suit their needs. 

From the moment they step through our doors, they will be taken care of by our highly qualified medical staff. From detoxification all the way through aftercare, we work hard to get our clients off the road of addiction and onto the path of recovery. If you or a loved one are ready to get the treatment necessary to beat addiction, contact Hillside Mission Recovery Today.