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Knowing When It’s Time to Go to a Drug Detox Center

Many of us have known someone who is struggling with addiction. The trouble with struggling with or knowing someone struggling with addiction is that it is difficult to tell when a problem has gone from something that can be managed, to the point where detox and treatment are necessary. It is not easy for someone who is not trained to recognize the signs of when it is time to go to a drug detox center. 

We here at Hillside Mission Recovery want to help as many people as possible get the addiction help they need. To do that we are going to explain the nature of a drug detox center, how to know when it’s time to enter drug detox, and what to do once detox is complete.  

What Is a Drug Detox Center? 

A drug detox center is a medical facility that is designed to help an addicted person remove the harmful substance from their system. Because detox is such a dangerous and stressful process, it is imperative to go to a drug detox center when attempting to get addiction treatment. 

Detox centers have medical staff, doctors, specialists, and options available to handle all the possible symptoms and side effects that accompany detox. 

Because detox is the removal of an addictive substance from the body, the process is accompanied by symptoms of withdrawal. Withdrawal can last anywhere from several hours to several days and the side effects can be very mild to life-threatening. This is why drug detox centers are a critical part of treatment. Having medical staff on standby and detox options to help manage the process and side effects will improve the safety and success of the one trying to get sober. 

When Is It Time to Go to a Drug Detox Center? 

It can be difficult for the loved ones of a person suffering from addiction to be objective and know when an addiction has gotten to the point that detox is necessary. While each person and addiction is unique. There are some signs that addiction has progressed to the point where it is endangering the life of the person. 

Some general signs that a person is in need of detox include an escalation in abuse of the drug beyond what was previous. Engaging in harmful behavior in order to acquire the drug or because of using it is another sign. Lastly, detachment from social circles, the inability to go about their daily lives without the substance, and changes in personality are all signs that it is time to go to a drug detox center. 

The trouble is that the person themselves may not realize that they need to seek treatment. This can mean that an intervention is necessary to show them how their addiction is impacting not only their lives but the lives of friends and loved ones. Once a person has agreed to get the help they need, visiting a detox center is often the first step on the path to recovery. 

What You Should Do After Detox Is Complete 

The next step after detox if you are the person suffering from addiction is to begin a treatment plan that will give you the skills and tools to begin your addiction-free journey. Treatment is about identifying the factors that lead to the addiction and developing the coping mechanisms to deal with them and live life without the addictive substance. 

For the family of someone suffering from addiction, it is important to remain supportive and to be there for the one going through treatment so that they feel safe and secure while they struggle to deal with their addiction and maintain sobriety. 

At Hillside Mission Recovery, we provide addiction detox and treatment in a calming and medically safe environment that focuses on each client’s individual path to wellness. When it’s time to begin your loved one’s detox, give Hillside Mission Recovery a call today.