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Signs You Need Rehab Treatment For Heroin Addiction

Even though not everyone understands it, addiction is one of the most difficult diseases to overcome. Many people who become addicted to drugs or alcohol try many times unsuccessfully to quit. This is because of the nature of addiction and how it affects the body and mind as well as life and social factors. Often the only way to truly get sober is by getting inpatient rehab treatment where the person can be monitored by medical staff and given the treatment to deal with the root cause of addiction and not just the physical and behavioral symptoms of drug use. 

At Hillside Mission Recovery, we believe that the first step to getting the help you need is knowing about the particular addiction you or your loved one is facing. Once you recognize the signs of addiction, it is easier to seek the right kind of treatment. In this post, we will discuss the signs of heroin abuse, symptoms of heroin withdrawal, inpatient rehab treatment, and how to find inpatient rehab treatment for heroin.

Signs of Heroin Abuse 

Heroin is a very powerful and illegal opioid. Because of how powerful it is, it is also very addictive. It is important to know when a loved one is abusing the drug so that you can help them get the treatment they need before they suffer severe consequences. 

The effects of heroin abuse can vary from person to person due to genetic makeup, age, gender, lifestyle factors, and the amount of time the drug was used. Still, some common signs are present that will help determine if someone you know is abusing heroin. 

Emotional signs include feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, or mood swings that can happen uncontrollably. These signs are often accompanied by physical and behavioral symptoms, such as distancing oneself from others, failing to meet obligations, lying about using drugs, and using illicit means to obtain heroin. 

The physical symptoms can vary but usually include scratching at the skin, excessive sweating, paranoia, constricted pupils, and speech variations/forced speech. There is a whole range of other signs and symptoms as well, but these are a few of the most common. 

Symptoms of Heroin Withdrawal

Much like the signs of heroin use are severe, so are the symptoms of heroin withdrawal. It is important to be able to recognize the symptoms of withdrawal because unsupervised withdrawal can lead to life-threatening medical complications. 

Most of the withdrawal symptoms will manifest physically. Typically it begins with uncontrollable cravings for heroin, followed by nausea, vomiting, excessive sweating, muscle, and joint aches, and feelings of heaviness and cramping. Next, the person may begin to exhibit symptoms of illness such as fever, a runny nose, confusion, deliriousness, and insomnia. If there are underlying medical conditions present along with these symptoms, they can lead to death, which is why it is always advised to get treatment for addiction rather than trying to go cold turkey. The only safe way to detox is under medical supervision. 

What Is Inpatient Rehab Treatment? 

The most successful treatment option for getting clean of heroin addiction is inpatient rehab treatment. 

Inpatient rehab treatment refers to addiction treatment where the person comes to a facility and lives there throughout the duration of their treatment. These options are often considered more effective than outpatient treatment because they allow the client to focus on getting the treatment they need in a safe and secure environment with medical supervision. This will enable them to focus on sobriety without worrying about day-to-day life struggles. 

Inpatient rehab typically lasts a few weeks while the patient gets clean of the drug and is given the tools they need to return to a life without heroin. The treatment plan and process are different for each individual, but the end goal is to make the client return to a life post addiction with the best odds of staying sober. 

Finding Inpatient Rehab Treatment for Heroin Near Me

Once you know someone has a problem, the next step is to start looking for a treatment center near you. Hillside Mission Recovery offers luxury inpatient rehab that provides clients with a variety of treatment options to deal with their specific addiction. 

Treatment begins with an individual evaluation where the person’s needs are discussed as well as their medical history and the nature of their specific addiction. From there, they are placed into an inpatient stay at our facility, where treatment begins with detox. Once treatment is complete, we offer aftercare services to help the client remain on the path to sobriety. 
If you or someone you know is dealing with heroin addiction, contact Hillside Mission Recovery today.