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Finding Sober Living in Mission Viejo, CA

Addiction is a crippling disease that can really damage a person’s life. The only way to combat addiction and truly get sober is to seek treatment at a licensed treatment facility. Sometimes though, treatment isn’t enough by itself for someone with an addiction to get back to their old life. That’s when it’s important to transition to a safe place to continue your recovery. One of these options is known as a sober living home. Having continued support once treatment ends is the best way to maximize the chances of success and minimize the chances of relapse.

At Hillside Mission Recovery, we believe our clients should have all the help and support they need in their journey to staying sober and turning to a normal life. To help with that, in this post, we will discuss sober living facilities, the benefits of sober living, what to look for in a sober living facility, and how to find sober living in Mission Viejo, CA.

What Are Sober Living Facilities?

Sober living facilities are a specific type of housing for those exiting treatment who are not ready to return to their everyday lives. What makes these facilities different than a typical housing situation is that they are designed to help those in recovery, meaning they have a variety of services available that aid in sobriety and also rules and guidelines in place that hold the person accountable for their sobriety in an effort to prevent relapse and promote safe and effective recovery and reintegration into normal society.

In a typical sober living facility, the person will have a living space that has all the amenities of the home. The difference is that the facility will have services and oversight to ensure the residents stay sober. They may provide access to things like 12 step programs, mentorships, and continued counseling. They may even provide opportunities to further education or find job placement. The entire goal of the facility is to help someone in recovery transition back to a typical life without the need for drugs or alcohol.

What Are the Benefits of Sober Living?

There are many reasons for finding sober living in Mission Viejo. Firstly, sober living gives a person coming out of recovery better odds of staying sober than trying to return straight to their old life. Secondly, sober living provides an extra layer of continued treatment and accountability. The facilities often have access to services that help with recovery and provide extra support.

There is also the benefit of having a comfortable place to live while you figure out your next steps of recovery. The process of getting sober is never easy, and it often takes time to find your place in society again. Sober living provides that middle ground between treatment and going back into the world.

What to Look For in a Sober Living Facility

There are a couple of key things that you should look for in any sober living facility. The first thing to consider is the type of support that is offered at the facility. The entire purpose of a sober living facility is to continue the recovery process while the person suffering from addiction tries to get back on their feet.

The second thing to look for, and one that is equally important, is how the facility holds a person accountable for their sobriety. Without oversight and accountability, it is easy to relapse and wind up using again. It’s important to remember that addiction is a disease that continues to afflict the person long after they leave recovery. Only with continued support and accountability can they truly maintain their sober lifestyle.

How to Find Sober Living in Mission Viejo, CA

One of the best ways to find sober living in Mission Viejo, CA, is to do so with the help of a treatment facility. At Hillside Mission Recovery, we provide luxury inpatient treatment that centers on helping the client get sober by identifying the root cause of the addiction.

After your individualized treatment plan has concluded, we provide continued support with aftercare services, including helping clients find sober living facilities for the next phase of your recovery.
If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction or looking for sober living in Mission Viejo, CA, contact Hillside Mission Recovery today.