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Signs Someone is Smoking Roxicet

Addiction is something that millions of Americans struggle with every day. Unfortunately, addiction can often be caused by prescribed medication or medication intended for legitimate use. It can be difficult to know when a loved one is using a substance in a way that they may become addicted or if they have already become addicted. 

At Hillside Mission Recovery we believe in giving our clients and their families the information and help they need to get help with addiction so that they can get on the path to recovery. In this post we will identify the drug Roxicet, what it’s used for and the signs that someone may be smoking Roxicet and how to get your loved one help with a Roxicet addiction. 

What Is Roxicet? 

Roxicet is the brand name for a powerful opioid known as oxycodone. Oxycodone, like most opioids, is prescribed to treat pain. In the case of Roxicet, it is a powerful opioid that is used to treat moderate or severe pain. 

Opioids work by attaching to the opioid receptors of the central nervous system and slowly over time it alters the body to become dependent on the substance. 

Most users start out taking the drug medicinally, but it can easily transition to dependence where the person feels uneasy without the substance and begins to crave it in order to function in daily life. Dependence then transitions to complete addiction, where a person will prioritize the drug over all other responsibilities including work, social ties, and familial responsibilities. 

What Are the Signs Someone Is Smoking Roxicet? 

Roxicet, just like other forms of oxycodone typically comes in a pill form. There is also a liquid form as well though it is less common. It can be difficult to tell if someone has moved beyond taking the standard form of a drug and has moved to alternate methods. 

A person will move to smoking Roxicet once they have become addicted and are seeking a way to get more of a high from the drug. 

Signs that someone is smoking Roxicet include damage to the teeth, mouth sores, dry mouth, irritation, and other oral health problems. Smoking any form of a drug can lead to a multitude of health problems  These symptoms are often accompanied by traditional signs of opioid addiction. 

Signs of Opioid Addiction Include: 

Drowsiness or changes in sleeping habits that alter day to day life, irritability associated with cravings or withdrawal, weight loss, change in hygiene habits, and distancing from social circles. 

All of these addiction symptoms can vary greatly depending on the individual and how much  they use.

Opioids are particularly addictive because they affect the central nervous system and cause people to become chemically dependent on the drug over time regardless of whether they intend to abuse the drug or not. This means that a person can go from having a legal prescription for Roxicet and move to full blown addiction and smoking Roxicet in a relatively short period of time. 

How to Get Your Loved One Help With a Roxicet Addiction 

Once you realize that your loved one is addicted to and smoking Roxicet, the next step is to get them to agree to get the treatment they need to get sober. Once that has been accomplished it’s time to find them an addiction treatment facility that is dedicated to getting them individualized treatment that works at the root causes of their unique addiction. 

That’s where Hillside Mission Recovery is here for you. We provide high-end, high-quality inpatient rehabilitation treatment that works to treat the whole addiction, not just the individual drug that someone may be using. 

Our process starts with designing a treatment plan tailored to your loved one’s needs, followed by detoxification, an inpatient residential stay at our luxurious facility, and aftercare services to keep them on the road to recovery long after their treatment with us has ended. 

If someone you know is struggling with a Roxicet addiction, contact Hillside Mission Recovery and let us get started getting them the care they need.