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Why You Shouldn’t Pursue Drug Addiction Detox at Home | Hillside Mission

Many people who suffer from addiction don’t know where to turn to get help and don’t know that getting clean means safely getting rid of the addictive substance from the body. Most people suffering from addiction don’t want to go through the detoxification process due to the side effects of withdrawal. Unfortunately, even with the potential side effects, some people may take it upon themselves to try and detox at home. 

At Hillside Mission Recovery we want our clients to have the safe and effective treatment they need without putting themselves at risk. In this post we will discuss drug addiction detox, why drug addiction detox is a bad idea and how Hillside Mission Recovery can help you go through drug detox in a safe, calming and medically supervised environment. 

What Is Drug Addiction Detox? 

Drug addiction detox is typically the first step in the addiction recovery process. Proper detox involves entering a treatment facility and being overseen by medical staff. 

What detox actually involves is getting rid of the drugs in a person’s system via the body’s natural detoxification process, essentially flushing out the drugs over time. This is usually done by quitting using the drug and allowing the body to naturally come off the substance. Because coming off of drug use can be very dangerous, medical supervision is necessary. 

The body begins to go through what is known as withdrawal in order to deal with the effects of no longer being on drugs. This can cause problems like vomiting, sweats, nausea, extreme fatigue, heart problems, seizures, and in the worst cases it can be life threatening. 

In the case of longer term drug use with things like opioids and other drugs that affect the central nervous system, it may be necessary to use medication assisted detox to help control the withdrawal symptoms and allow the body to detox safely. Each individual client’s path is unique and detox will go differently depending on a  number of factors. 

The process starts with a medical evaluation, where the medical, psychiatric, and drug history of the client is taken and then the individual is brought in for detoxification. Next, the staff works to make sure the person is medically stable as the natural or medication assisted detox process begins. 

Inpatient rehabilitation programs offered the best success for detox thanks to cutting edge treatments and medical supervision. 

Once the detox process is complete the client moves on to the next phase of treatment which involves therapy and counseling to give them the tools necessary to live a drug free life. 

Why You Shouldn’t Pursue Drug Detox at Home 

The main reason not to do drug detox at home is because it can be painful and even fatal in extreme cases. Quitting drug use cold turkey can have negative consequences on your health and body. Quitting drugs or alcohol is best done in a medically supervised environment where the person can be monitored by trained medical professionals. 

Not only can withdrawal be severe and life threatening, but other problems from compounded medical issues may arise, as well as the potential for relapse. In short, there is no safe way to drug detox at home. 

How Hillside Mission Can Help You Go Through Drug Detox 

Hillside Mission Recovery offers inpatient treatment services and luxury accommodations in a relaxing environment with highly trained staff that are devoted to your recovery. Not only do we have all the medical equipment and staff necessary to help you go through detox safely, we can take care of you long after detox ends and help you get on the road to living a drug free life. 

If you or a loved one are considering detox for your drug addiction, then contact Hillside Mission Recovery today.